New Drama **Glorious Day** on SBS for weekends

Is this drama going to be on Viki?? anybody have any idea or information? I would love to watch it here. its with Park Se Young and Lee Sang Woo
Click favorite for updates [so if this drama does get license, you should get a notification from the Channel Manager saying it’s licensed]
This drama currently isn’t licensed, but you can fill this form to submit it to Viki and see if they can get it. Thanks!

thanks :smile:

Yipee it’s here now and I’m just loving it. Been doing too much crying of late so happy to have this lovely funny and enjoyable show. Hasn’t let me down so far, love the cast, looking forward to the matches I can see coming up.

i cant watch it cos it not available in America!~ lol the irony smh :frowning:

Ah so sorry to hear that. Can’t suggest another site here but would advise that you surf and see if some other site has it.