New drama

I am sure you have watched heal me kill me. Well I stumbled across a new drama called seven faced man,

this is a Chinese remake. a tad different but scenes kinda same. like I said I am on the first episode, so no spoilers. some good actors here/ already love it…

A European remake is also in the works.

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I don’t think anyone can match the Korean version. Ji Sung? (I’m bad with names) was spectacular, funny, dramatic and romantic. He’s a great, great, actor. The main girl in the drama, is my favorite Korean actress (second is ASuzy). To this day, I don’t miss a drama they make together or by themselves, too. I can see 10 more dramas with them together of course. they have great chemistry that makes the story believable.

There’s something about them as copule that clicks so darn well. I miss them both, and hope they come back soon!
Suzy always takes time between dramas so I know we have a while to wait. (sigh)

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I love Suzy too!!

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I have been watching and subbing this drama. It’s fun~~

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what I did love about kill me heal me was his facial features with each character, I thought outstanding and I mean all of the characters, suzie was awesome, just wish it could have been a few more episodes, like did he return to that company and the writer , so he went on to be a director(she was pretty??) no theres no connection,
I know. just a few loose ends ,
the last episode they shared rings so oh and was the company turned over to her?? and so on. still I wouldn’t change it, still loved the story. I really hope this one will do very well too, and and European one in the works?? wow! can’t wait!!

Like I said this A Man with 7 faces is just a tad different, the main actor seems a bit young looking to me, BUT he may just make it like Ji sung did. and by the way are these actors & actress new in this one. I don’t recall seeing them any where.

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I’m going to see it, just to see if they managed to make it a good copy version of Kill me, Heal me.

I wished it was my favorite chinese actors doing this remake. But these are young and new in my book, so I want to give them a fighting chance.

I really need to find a good drama to watch here at viki. Lately, those fated dramas plots are a nuisance to me, and I won’t bother watching them at all. There is so much you can take of the same Thing over, and over, and over again.

This is a repeat story but I’m willing to see if I might like it. The worst remake (in MY opinion), I ever saw ‘‘She was pretty’’ (the chinese version) It was so unbearable to me that I even left the team bc I couldn’t bare to watch one more scene of that drama. It was so boring since they didn’t added different touch and scenes. The actors? No Comment.

hi, angelight 313 168 again!!

the Chinese version is not as great as the Korean one, I will admit that one, and I don’t think any “country” will beat the Korean one./

these new actors , they have given it a try I didn’t see the Chinese version of she was pretty

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You can check it out. You might like it. What I hate is they made it 32 episodes long! agh! Got spoiled with short episodes. Long one’s is not for my liking at all.

32 episodes? yuck! I will check it out though . now if they took it a but further, well i will check it out anyway. theres a discussion here about remakes, maybe I should respond.

It’s really 40 episodes, they extended to 40 episodes like 32 wasn’t long enough hahaha. Well, you watch a lot of dramas/movies so you might like it.

you are right on that. I just hope it will be a good ending!! I just want to see those loose ends get right.

Hey Laura fairytail still a good job anyway in my book!

the guy in Nirvana on fire maybe? what about one of those guys in that royal, and we could go on, huh?

Yes, it has the same exact ending as Korean version, ‘‘She was pretty’’

I wanted you to see LUCID DREAMS on Netflix.

I saw {{Oh my ghostess’’ on Netflix for a third time. I enjoy those types of drama so much. My oldest daughter loved it and she watched here on I got her hooked on viki and my grandson loves the mangas and japanese dramas on

Have you seen ICE FANTASY? they have it here on viki. It’s great! a little long but you can skip some parts like I do…skip, skip…lol

I have watched oh my ghostness 4 times, 2 on DF 1 here on Viki and just

recently finished on Netflix.

I have a big screen Blue-ray,
and ICE FANTASY is awesome to watch it on the big tv!

yeah its a little long, and do the skipping too

I am going to check the Lucid dreams, I think I have watched it, so will check it out today on Netflix,

Oh my now there are two of them, this is one I have been wanting to watch!! thanks I will start watching today.

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YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS MASTERPIECE. PREPARE THE TISSUE BOX THOUGH. I cried so much but will watch again and again. A classic black and white screen.

I started watching this, very interesting. , Japanese & Korean, I didn’t realize they had such a conflict!

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Then, watch this one too. I wasn’t aware of that either until I saw this one first: the portrait of a Poet with my favorite young actor KANG HA NEUL.

Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet

I started watching that , I never finished. what about that one dont know full title, but an author was somehow transported back to aq time something about a diary, and I didnt finish that one either. these two are very good, so I will get back to watching thme as well.

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