New dramas uncompleted

Why are new dramas never complete again and then having to wait a long time to get them ?

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I assume you are talking about subtitles. The work is done by volunteers who might have other projects and a life outside Viki too. Entire teams of unpaid people work to get you your subtitles. Instead of complaining, you could appreciate them.

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Please direct your question to the paid Viki staff at

They might answer your question better, if you can name them a specific channel, that would be even better. The more vague your question is, the more unsatisfying their answer might turn out.


I think we should ask first “which language” they are asking about. If it’s English, that’s very little to do with those of us now with volunteers. As noted by other posters in both K and C dramas, it’s mostly paid subbers and we have no input or control as to their “work”.

If the question is subs in another language, this is possibly volunteers and if so, then your words are indeed correct and patience should be engaged as well as courtesy by the OP :).

the world has changed, and they are erasing our English teams…along with the word “volunteer”.

(of the great team Mei Daxia…and also of Gone With The Shirt Team…of C drama historical/costume)

i don’t need any lesson… I understand very well what you explain to me. It was just a quite innocent question about something new for me who had never before to wait the end of a drama. I understand now that it’s better to watch the ancient dramas.
I never had criticized the translators work because I know some of them.

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