New Drama's

Am I the Only one who thinks the new drama’s are going by fast, Like Witch’s romance and Heirs and Bride of The Century… Like Bride of the Century Na Do Rim already going to change places with Yang Jin-Sung… And Heirs, Park Shin hye and Lee Min ho Already Met, And Witch’s Romance, The Witch is already in bed with the guy… Am i the only one?

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I actually like this development a lot more than the waiting for 14 episodes for the leads to hold hands and then leave us with the most unsatisfying kiss in the history of mankind. Witch’s Romance is my main obsession right now mainly because it doesn’t make sexuality seem like this thing that doesn’t exist in Korean culture at all, nor does it make it seem taboo. I think them meeting earlier (or going by fast) allows for more of a growth and development of the romance and less of the frustration that makes me rage.

This doesn’t mean I’m bashing the slow and steady approach, I just prefer this new style and I hope it can co-exist with the other tropes.


I agree with you. I checked out when these drama’s air on TV in Korea because I thought the time might dictate why a couple who are supposed to be in love go to bed fully clothed i.e. Bride of the century ( which I liked ) led us to believe the girl conceived on that special night they shared together although they went to bed with their coats on and when he woke in the morning he was still fully clothed. Hahahah. One would wonder how the country has sustained a population if they really never undressed for bed. Glad the movies they make are more realistic. I think ‘Coffee Prince’ showed real passion better than most without being graphic. I liked this also.


Yeah, I am pretty much obsessed with Coffee Prince, it was so beautiful and I loved the depictions of all the different relationships.

The actress in Coffee Prince did a little guest appearance in Personal Taste which I laughed out loud at as both dramas dealt with ‘LOVE’ real love and depicted very well I must say crossing the gender preference norm. Liked both a lot.

Well is it not more realistic? I can’t understand some people being hung up on ‘age’ sure what is it only a number and if both people are over 21 are they not adults. Didn’t notice anyone complaining that LMH had to act like a teenager in Heirs which he is not.