New Fan Channels

Recently, I noticed a phenomenon on the home page (inside the categories there), suddenly there was so many fan channels there. Either this is new or that my “noticing skills” are pretty terrible.
(This link only worked when I was logged in, it may not show you what I mean. Please tell me if that phenomenon is only with me as that might be the case)
What’s going on here? Is this a new sort of strategy for something? What do you guys think?

Yeah I see the Fan Channels too. I am all for it. Sometimes it’s hard to find Fan Channels. I literally have to type in the name to see if there is a fan channel. So I thinks it awesome. People get to see that a show is coming more quickly and they get to follow the show more quickly and request licensing. Sometimes people might know there is a Fan Channel of show. So know they will have easier access. I would be awesome if the had also category for Fan Channels.


When viki is still negotiating a license, the channel is a “fan channel.” Once the license is successfully negotiated, the status changes to “coming soon” (even for stuff which may have completed all their episodes) and then when the series is uploaded, it becomes “On Air” until the series is finished. There are lots of older channels which are still “fan channels” because viki was unsuccessful in obtaining a license. In a few instances, the drama was proposed but never got produced. The fan channels are kept because sometimes, months, a year, or several years later, viki obtains a late license.