New licensed korean drama, Passionate love is in need of segmenters and korean English subbers. Please come sign up

Hello VIKI SEGGERS, the new licensed korean drama, Passionate Love is in need of segmenters and korean -English subbers. Please come over to the channel and sign up. If interested in any of these positions please contact channel managers, babyinspiritestar1 or egnoza

However since I am gonna be around for a little while, please contact me now!
My profile link:


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I want to help segging :3

Hi daiixx. I would add you to the team :slight_smile:


Are you okay with free-lance segmenting from me?

Lol. sure Amy As usual just come by the channel anytime you want :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m like a bird, so free-lance segmenting without contract makes me feel the most comfortable.

Chizzy, you can free-lance segment on Love Around whenever you want too. I welcome it at anytime ^^.

Sorry for replying late, I was busy with something.

Yes I do know that you like to free lance…you are our famous free lance weekend segger. As for Love Around, that drama is a serious challenge to segment. I always find it difficult to differentiate the sounds they make so i rather not seg at all than make you and Jojoo spend a lot of time in QCing after my work. I did find a Chinese drama that was kinda easy. It is called “Love Amongst war.”…I find a lot of quiet and peace over at that channel.

Hi Daiixx:

If you like to segment. I recommend that you to read over these discussion posts first.

Thanks and take care,

I can Kor-Eng sub but I won’t be able to often, but I can do a bit.