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Step 2a: Viewers start complaining.

I wish that 4 was more detailed, saying that
“subtitlers translate by ear and fill-in English subtitles, then the translation goes through two rounds of editing.”


Yes, I agree. I wish they had given some love to the editors. You guys work hard and make sure quality is good, so step 2a doesn’t get repeated over and over again…

Well they do say:

Our volunteer subtitlers are vested in providing the highest quality subtitles and go the extra mile to ensure their accuracy.

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This could simply mean that the subtitlers take extra care. It is not obvious that there are three different passes, which means more time until everything is finished. For a newcomer I think the information is important, because some viewers point out translation mistakes in the first couple of hours after the episode is fully subbed - they don’t know that there’s someone else who’s going to go and check it again.


Wrong, sorry.

1a. viewers start complaining that there aren’t videos yet or that they have no subtitles, before the videos arrive.

1b. viewers either rate it a 10 or a 1 because they love the stars or are angry they have no subtitles yet for the not yet arrived videos.



I saw it yesterday at the comment section of Secretary Kim but it wasn’t posted at Rich Man where there are a lot rude people too who keep complaining as if their lives depends on it.:expressionless:

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Secretary Kim has a super-fast team, so nowadays most of the comments are compliments - a rare occurrence. Even in the timed comments: I went there as I routinely do the episode was subbed at 100% to delete sub whining, but there were only TWO whiners, versus about TEN thanking the subbers with plenty of little harts for being lightning fast.
The exception that confirms the rule…

I have seen this a lot too. Why? Just why? I really don’t get it. Can’t they read the start date?
I only understand it when people complain about dramas that haven’t been subbed. after months and months.
But even then…there is so much to sub on the platform and so many people coming and going. It’s not like it’s magically getting done. But there are brave volunteers who tackle those dramas.

Do people feel entitled to the subtitles because they are ‘paying’ for the service (which doesn’t include subs)? :frowning:

Yes, quite a few do because they fail to do proper research on what they are actually buying. I mean if only they did read the FAQ’s properly before buying anything.

I have often said and I will repeat it again: It’s also Viki’s fault. Knowing that this is a problem, it’s not enough to say “vikipass offers X,Y,Z” . They should clearly add
“Please note that, because show are being translated by volunteers, vikipass does not guarantee that there will be subtitles for every single show, or the time at which they will be completed - although most shows do eventually get 100% subbed”

                 “I really want to shed a tear,”
                “For all those who sub by ear.”
                “I am so grateful they can hear,”
            “Since I get to enjoy Viki without fear.” 
                  “To me they are truly dear,”
                  “Even if they are not near.”  
             “Excuse me while my throat I clear,”
                    “So all of them I can…”

New leadership:

Thank you interns day:

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Thank you for sharing.

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