New side projects: New Cinderellas

Lately, Viki acquired old dramas which are quite new (Bloody Romance, Secret of Three Kingdoms, just to say a couple of titles). I’m very glad BUT there are some problems. The majority of the public doesn’t about their existence and people knowing they do exist can’t tell the difference between “on air dramas” and side projects. It’s UTTERLY USELESS tell them to read Viki’s guidelines, they end up harassing we subbers and sinking with bad reviews good dramas.
I would stress the importance of creating a special and the proper advertising section dedicated just to this sort of drama with the warning they are side projects and a special mark on the channel identifying it. Do we need a name for these charming Cinderellas? “Side Projects Side by Side with You.”


I am subbing Bloody Romance and had no idea it was a side project and not a ‘on air’ / new drama :stuck_out_tongue:
I think it would be nice with a tiny mark on the corner or something :grin:

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Welcome to the team, dear! I’m its Italian Moderator. It was already aired, Viki bought it ‘posthumous’:joy:, but in this way you know the quality are you subbing. This drama is bloody beautiful. If I can afford a nice side project among all the “on air” ones I never say no, but I would like more exposure and care from Viki for these projects :slight_smile:

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