New topic? different dramas

I hope I am not stepping out of line here, but this is a discussion, so here goes.

These new dramas of late are for the younger generation, and some of them I do like very much. But does Viki/Rakuten/ and that other newer one have any dramas that kinda will attract us older folk??
I don’t mean ones sitting ready to die. can they not get some dramas that will attract us? are we just outdated, forgotten? why can’t they reach the older ones as well? and I don’t mean the old kings or queens or concubines ( a mystery, scifi romance too, would be great. I think thats why I do watch the older dramas because the older ones are shown instead of the younger ones, so much.I could name a bunch but I won’t, this is boring enough. and please don’t get me wrong, I do love the young actors & actresses! and the dramas too its just I’d like to see some of the older ones come to light. any thing? and be nice if you respond.

It is true that 2017 has been a bit poor in such dramas, and maybe the reason is that they are not that successful, no matter how good they are.
"Memory " was a masterpiece, with an astounding, Oscar-worthy performance by Lee Sung Min, but the drama had mediocre ratings, and he didn’t even get an award for it!
Have you watched “Second to Last love” (the Japanese original is better than the Korean one)? And of course the family dramas which involve all generations: Five Children, Father is Strange.
Twenty again” and “Love Rain” are also good choices.