New watch party/ cancelled

#1 Parties with fellow Viki fans!

today @ 1;pm eastern time,

How to get started?

You’ve posted a link to The Love Equation. (The page where someone can watch the drama on his own)
If you want to start a watch party, you can do the following: after you clicked on the popcorn icon and clicked on the Create Watch Party button, you’ll see a new url in your browser. You can copy the link and paste the link in this thread.
It usually looks like this:
with different characters on the XXXXXX.
(this is a fake party link in case that wasn’t clear)

1PM EST that’s in about 5 minutes, right? I might join, but I’ll be a little late, as I’m still finishing a few things.


ok where is everyone??


As sweethope stated, the link you posted only takes a person to the homepage of the drama. You need the actual URL address to your watch party. I have heard that posting that link directly in Discussions doesn’t work, and that you might have to use the hyperlink function. (The chain looking icon in the taskbar above). Does that help?


aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww I am messing up!! so I copied the link

I hope that works!


No worries. Just give it another try.


No sorry, it still links to the series, not to the watch party


No, sorry. You need to be on the actual tab for your watch party and copy the address from that. Again, that link you posted only goes to the drama’s homepage.

To use the hyperlink option, click on the chain-looking icon on the taskbar of the reply box (the fourth one over after the ‘italics’ icon. Put your link in the top box in the popup, and then title it, probably with the title of your drama, in the second box.


I did the chain looking icon, am I on the wrong one, what italic icon, and box???


When you open the box to make a reply, there is a task bar at the top of where you are typing. The first icon is for ‘quote’, followed by ‘bold’ and ‘italics’. The next one over is the hyperlink (the chain-like one).


It should look like something like this:


And then this:


You can post the url in the first box.


Thank you for that @sweethope. I do not have very good screenshot skills.


I don’t know if the icons and such looks somewhat the same on different devices.

For the pictures I’ve used a standard Windows tool to make the snapshots.


I don’t have anywhere that says insert hyperlink, mine doesnt look like that, it goes right to the place to start drama

As a host or participant, you can see all participants in the party. At the top right of Live Chat, click Screenshot_2020-08-06_at_5.28.15_PM.png > Select Member List

I have done that as well. well I will stop it all together, I am getting frustrated, and hate it when I am not able to do things right.


The member list is in the Watch Party. In the Watch Party you only need to find and copy the url.
Then you can go to the Discussion forum here and use Reply on the topic.
Replying here on the Discussion topic, should show the icons to insert the hyperlink. Are you using a mobile or a computer? (It might be different on a mobile, I’m using a computer.)

PS: if you want I could start if for you today if the above doesn’t work (and you could try it again another time if you want)?


I am using a computer, and I thought I was following the steps y’all mentioned, so I will try again later




(PS: A glitch here…? Can’t be posted. Nvm.)