New Watchparty


We mentioned this at our last watch party and I wanted to know if some of you are interested in this.
I really like to watch it and if you can join I think it could be better.


  • I’m in
  • Not interested

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@porkypine90_261 @kdrama2020ali @vivi_1485


No popcorn icon!!!
Let me make some suggestions, you can add more shows…

  • Yummi cells
  • Only Just Married
  • Love at Night
  • Why Women Love

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A lot of shows I’m interested in doesn’t have the icon :thinking:


Only Just Married is cute! But the ML is an incredibly cute, and oh-so-very-smart, but DUMB. As in EQ=ZERO guy! :rofl:

He’s the kind of guy that you have to be able to see the diamond in the rough - capture him - drag him home- and educate him on how to relate to women :sunglasses: :rofl: Many viewers may throw laptops at him. lol He is a ‘project’ but he is a worthwhile project lol :shushing_face:


lol porky, that makes me curious about him :dizzy_face:


LOL - We are starting Prosecutor Doberman on April 1st.


I’m on the eps 4 now, but it’s really good