New White Subtitles are Hard to Read

Hey guys! Has anyone else found that the new white subtitles are hard to read? Previously, all of the Viki subtitles showed up on my TV as white with a slight background box to make them stand out, but in the past month they have started just being plain white text on the screen. I noticed this first when watching My Mr. Mermaid, but it’s continued when I watched other shows like The Unit. I tried changing my subtitle settings but it seems it’s an app related thing. The white text makes it super hard to read if the screen is light or there is text already on the screen (Mr. Mermaid had hard-subbed Chinese subtitles and The Unit has text that pops up on the screen).

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas of how to fix it? Thanks in advance!!

For technical problems, try the Bugs & Issues support forum:

Try to include details about what product you use to watch on TV and screenshots/images if possible.

Will do, thank you!