Newbie :)

I’m new and I wanted tips/suggestions from the community on how to get started. I watch Korean dramas and I found that viki is ran by the community and thought it would be nice to help translating it to English.

How did you start off when you joined viki, I feel stuck to start somewhere. Also I do want to start segmenting but I know it’s not just a simple job so…I don’t exactly know where to start with practicing that…
Thank you for your thoughts and advice :slight_smile:

Which languages do you fluently speak?

Regarding segmenting, this is a good place to learn segmenting : and it’s ran by the community (volunteers) too.

Korean and English

Thank you! I was exploring through the link you provided me but I am not sure where the restrictions and rules could be read. I pressed on the many hyper linked icons but it seems to lead to a website like this one:
is that normal?

I don’t know about segmenting but subbing is actually quite easy and from korean to english is always in demand. You can choose a show that you like and send a message to the team manager, or look through the discussions and see if someone posted something about a new show.

What pooka said is true, korean to english is always in highly demand so don’t worry just find if you will like to segment or sub and the start is the first step :smiley: welcome to the community!

Um no, I don’t know why it took you there.
Have you check out this link yet:

Ok, thank you that helps alot!