Newly Kpop Lover Needs Help! Mind helping with KOR-ENG Trans/Subs

Hey community, while I love Kpop, K dramas and just KContent in general ( I mean who doesn’t?) it’s sometimes hard to find subbed or translated content for my faves. Or understand the lyrics to songs, and I’m new to the KPop World.

For 1 of 2 groups that I love dearly, the fandom is too small & while we get content, we can’t understand much (or the Trans/Subs aren’t done accurately?). So, if you’re a kind subber/translator that’s fluent in both Korean & English and have time to help, please consider responding. )

I’m somewhat desperate but I fell in love with this group and their amazing personality and would just like to be able to understand stuff. I help run a page cuz I was tryna seek subs (though I am not the main admin nor do I update much because idk how) and when the admin said there isn’t much, i came back to Viki. :grin:

You can PM me ( I just learned how to do that lol) and we can talk more! :slight_smile:

which group?

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Girl Group CLC, CUBE Ent 2nd Girl Group :slight_smile: