Nice new feature but please stop repeating notices

Every time I visit Viki, it tells me that there is a Watch History button on the top right. I always have to click “Ok, got it.”

…For the 10th time now.

How do I stop it from popping up again? It hinders efficiency.


I’ve never got this pop up, like the watch history, for me, just appeared and I was like “Oh, what is that” lol

Introducing Watch History!Not sure where you left off? Your Watch History page shows a list of recent videos that you have watched.
“Ok, got it.”

^ I get this pop up everytime :frowning:

Hey @nutrient1,

I’m the Viki product manager that designed the Watch History feature.

For the notice, it should not display again once you click “OK, Got It” to acknowledge the pop-up. Were you using Viki in Incognito mode or did you clear your cookies half way through? Or maybe you have a browser plugin that affects the way cookies are stored on your browser?

Please send a support ticket if you continue to see the notice during your browsing session and you have already clicked on “OK, Got it” to dismiss the pop-up.


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i know this appears to be abit off topic but i could not find any other topic relevant to my question…Everytime i put a video to play it shows me a small window that asks me to allow viki to store information on my pc…Is that a feature that has been added by the site managment or is it something that could harm my computer? i would really apreciate it if someone could help me out…
Thanks in advance and sorry for being off topic…

@alekabiberi, try reading through this:

thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: