Nirvana In Fire, 3 episodes every Sunday, starting Sunday 30th

Hi, who would be interested in joining a watch party to watch Nirvana In Fire? The show has high ratings, both on Viki and MDL. I could host the show starting Sunday October 30th, 2022, preferably at 08:00 PM CET, watching three episodes once a week. (Let me know if you would like to join, but the time frame doesn’t work for you.)


Are you ready for tomorrow?

Nirvana In Fire - screenshot from episode 1

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Episode 1 starting in two hours.


It’s a bit early, but here is the link:

:fire: :crossed_swords: WP Nirvana In Fire :crossed_swords: :fire:

Are you curious like me, and would you like to see why this show is getting high ratings?

Feel free to join.


I’m in! See you at the WP!

Tonight at 8PM CET a watch party for episodes 4/5/6 of Nirvana in Fire (season 1).

If you would like to catch up, you might want to skip the first few minutes of ep 1 of Nirvana in Fire and start watching from 03:12 (to skip the war introduction).

Several characters have been introduced, including:

Mu Nihuang - the duchess of the royal household of Yunnan
(a friendly battle is being held to find her a husband)
Mei Changsu - chief of the Jangzuo Alliance

Three royal princes:
Xiao Jingxuan - crownprince / 6th prince
Xiao Jinghuan - 5th prince

Xiao Jing Yan - 7th prince

Yan Yujin - son of the Emperor’s brother-in-law
Xiao Jingrui - oldest son of the marquis of Ning

And a young Leo Wu as Feiliu the bodyguard of Mei Changsu

Will you join the wp tonight?


Episode 4 starting in 20 minutes:

Click here for the WP

Episode 7/8/9 of Nirvana in Fire starting in 75 minutes:
Click here to join the watch party

(For some reason I can’t upload a picture at the moment)

Episode 10/11/12 starting in half an hour:
Click here to join the watch party


PS: how do you keep the long sleeves clean? :slight_smile:

To get in the mood for the watch party tonight:

We will be watching ep 13/14/15, starting around 20:30.
The link to the watch party will be posted shortly before it starts.

Link to watch party

Update: We have seen episode 13-15. We will continue the watch party with episode 16/17/18 on dec. 11th. (Skipping Dec. 4th).

For those who would like to join. There has been a change of plans, and I’ll see who will join when I’m holding the WP tonight Dec 4th 08:30 PM CET.
We will continue the watch party with episode 16/17/18.

Click here for ep 16/17/18

The watch party for Nirvana In Fire ep 19/20/21 will continu on January 8th 2023 08:30 PM CET. (due to birthdays/holidays)
So no WP for NIF tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay and enjoy the holidays!

If you are afraid, that this show has a lot of war scenes, then don’t worry. We have seen 18 episodes in the watch party and so far there has been barely any war scenes (except for the introduction in the first three minutes of the first episode). It’s mostly calm talking and plotting between the royals and a mind battle for friends/helpers who can help you gain power or finding ways to ensure the helpers of your enemies won’t cause problems anymore. The show does display material art fights.

Feel free to join. Tomorrow we will start with episode 19 in the watch party. I’ll post the link to the watch party tomorrow, right before it starts at 8:30 PM CET.

Here is the link:
Watch Party

ep 25/26/27:

ep 31/32/33 WP:
Link to watch party for ep 31/32/33

Link to ep 34/35/36 starting in 40 minutes:

Click here for Nirvana in Fire

Link to ep 37/38/39 starting in 10 minutes
[Watch Korean Dramas, Chinese Dramas and Movies Online | Rakuten Viki](https://new link)

link to ep 40/41/42
click here for the link

link to wp ep 43/44/45
Click here

Nirvana In Fire
ep 46/47/48

The last three episodes:
Nirvana in Fire episode 52/53/54