No Italics on new video player

Is it me or is it the new video player in general? I use an Apple Imac to segment, sub and watch viki dramas. In the new video player, everything which we carefully italicized in the sub editor doesn’t show up as italicized in the video player. This is very upsetting because I’m watching the Stove League Special which has a lot of segments in which the characters say something and then there is a comment or explanation in the same segment – the comments/ explanations are an integral part of the special. If you didn’t know better you would think that a few words in Korean are resulting in lines and line of English.


You’re right!
If you go to episode 2 of 100 Days My Prince, it starts with some subtitles in italics:
00:03100 Days My Prince
00:10Timing and Subtitles by the 100 Days Volunteer Team @ viki
00:33100 Days My Prince
00:51Do you like falling snow or a petal shower better?
00:57like you. I will marry you.
02:03I’m so sorry.
02:34Episode 2

Yet, guess what? If you go check the episode, no italics on the new player!

Someone already gave the alert when she got the new video player:

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