No License For These Movies? Why?

I discovered some movies not exist in Viki even the fan channel. What happened?

  1. My annoying brother
  2. Confidential Assignment
  3. Real
  4. Single Raider
  5. Misbehavior
  6. Lucid dream
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I know My Annoying Brother and Lucid Dream are on other sites so I am guessing the other sites won the license

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I created the Channel for the Movie Real, but it isn’t accepted yet… :sweat:

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I am confused about creating fan channel whether it’s approved. If the drama or movie does not get licensed, then it’ll not be approved?

Creating channels doesn’t apply anymore. Because of the change regarding CM selection, we have to wait until Viki creates a channel.

I would suggest sending a license request for the movies you want to watch and maybe have others send them too. It is the only way we have to show what shows/movies we want to watch here. :slight_smile:


Thank, Mirna! It’s possible to have Confidential Assignments and Real other than a rest of them. Fan channel “my annoying brother” used to be deleted once for years which I don’t know why.

I am watching here in Ireland and there are several Kdramas which are very popular but can’t be viewed here because it’s not licensed, It feels so frustrating , the whole point of paying for VIKI is to access those most loved Kdramas, hope VIKI can do something about it, for example, The Healer, Descendants of the Sun, Moonlight Drawn by clouds, I’m sure VIKI knows those k dramas please reply if there’s anything you can do about this, I would really love to watch those in your website. Thanks.

You know, viki is not the only legal streaming site. Although it’s surely one of the big ones, there are others too. To be able to offer a show to the viewers they have to purchase a license, the cost of which is not the same for every show: the licenses for popular shows are expensive. There are negotiations.
Sometimes all the streaming websites (viki and its competitors) get a license, sometimes the license is “exclusive” for one of those sites, and for a certain geographical region (Asia, Europe and Middle East, The Americas…). Sometimes viki wins the negotiation and gets the drama, sometimes its rival sites win. And sometimes they split the rights of a drama: a rival site will have the exclusive license for a certain territory, for instance America, and viki will have the exclusive license for Europe.

So the hard truth is that it’s not possible to get all the popular shows every time.

How to solve this?

  1. You only pay viki and are content with what viki offers
  2. You want to watch each and every show that you like, so you pay both for both viki and another website. Not DramaFever, though, because we in Europe cannot watch videos from there anyway.
  3. You become a volunteer here at viki. After 3000 subtitles or segments you become Qualified Contributor and you can see many more licensed dramas than regular vikipass holders, even those that are licensed for a different region than yours. But still not those for which viki has no license.
    (4. There is another way around regional restrictions, but we’re not allowed to mention it here. It doesn’t always work, takes quite a bit of bandwidth, and the best service costs money too.)

I hope I made it a bit clearer for you.


Thanks Viki , your reply is very clear.

I’m not Viki, I’m just a user. But you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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Contribution is not that hard because it’s voluntary. 500 subs in 6 months are just small numbers.