No reply from a CM managing an old drama

I asked a CM to be the Mod of an old drama. I wrote her several times in six months, but she seems not to be very active. What should I do?

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If the drama has only one CM, try the other language moderators. That works sometimes it did for me, several times… If you get nowhere with the moderators, go to HELP CENTER (click the box with your picture profile and is at the bottom before LOG OUT). Fill out the request form.

It also helps if you mention or put a link here of the old drama you want to work in, bc many here will read your post, and can give you lots of suggestion since they are the experts. I went through that with an old drama, but it had 2 CM’s so I got through to one of them, and I have been working for a year already in that drama.

Wish you luck.

The old drama is Because of Meeting You… :frowning:

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If is this drama I know why no response from CM AMYPUN she’s very very busy segmenting and subbing and tackles many projects besides her personal life too
(This is her message in her page) I wished she had added who to contact when she’s not around. Hope someone can help you out here.


I wish her great success in her studies, and I’m so happy she’s taking her time to expand her future. and concentrate in her studies. Is not easy to be here when College is so hard too.

I asked for it in January… no hope, I think :frowning:

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Don’t give up hope there are many here that love to help willing volunteers. I know something can be worked out soon.

Thank you!:kissing_heart:

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goodness…the other CM is 2lizz5, also on a sort of hiatus.

Amypun’s PM box is likely very full from NSSA. Your other option is to PM one of the Sensei at NSSA and see if they can reach Amy for you.

That’s the last gun I would fire. :slight_smile: