No Viki support

what is going on with viki support i filed a few requests for various things they stay open for a few days then close even if they cant reproduce my issue id like some kind of response kinda reminds me of DF before closing :frowning:


Oh, oh…is this sign of what’s coming? Hope not.

Don’t get scared it has been a long time no one here pays attention to issues here anymore.They never help. I gave up writing to them a long, long time ago. This is not new.

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but you would think the support staff would reply even with general answers but nothing

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That’s really strange. I’ve been a subscriber for eight years and I’ve always gotten very good service from the Help Center. I had a problem last night with subtitles missing in a drama I’m watching and I got a message the next morning and the problem was fixed.

You can confirm that your message went through to the help center by checking “My Activities”.

Once you open Viki’s Help Center you will see at the top right “Community” “Submit a Request”, then your username.
Click on the down arrow next to your user name and select “My Activities” and your orders should appear.


I second that. I’ve always received replies. (Except on weekends, when they don’t work).
That’s strange. The OP said he filed requests properly and then they were closed.

When they close a request before I get a proper answer I just re open the case. And if that isn’t possible I file an other request and refer to the request that’s closed. If they don’t reply within a few weeks I start PMing staff or tweet them on Twitter to look at my request with the number. But the last few I did file a request they where taken care off pretty fast sometimes so I thought the service had improved.


Hello. You can try re opening the tickets if you still haven’t received a proper reply.
Once a ticket of mine was closed accidentally, and I re-opened it by replying to them and they apologized for the mistake and solved my issue in the end :wink:

It takes several days for them to reply since we are more vikiers now I guess… :slight_smile:

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Not only you are a subscriber for 8 years but you are a devoted and a very efficient part of viki. You are always promoting and recommending the dramas here . It would be a shame if when you have a problem they didn’t listen to you, and take care of the situation.

PS. I have seen several f the dramas you recommended

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Thank you! You made my day.


This is a fact everybody knows here!

I’m glad that I saw this thread. I believe that every time I have submitted a error report to Viki, it has been ignored or any response took weeks. I think that the earliest I have ever gotten a reply has been in several weeks.

I have a problem with Gu Family Book - my Roku app won’t play it. I have resubmitted my request, since I haven’t even gotten a notification that the request was received and I submitted it on November 2! I hope that I’ll get an answer back more quickly this time. :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping! It’s so much more enjoyable for me to watch shows on my TV, via the Roku app.

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Since I don’t know where you are staying, this might affect you.

The best thing you can do before writing a request, is to check

Sometimes it brings clarification, not always though.I know 1 week seems so much time, if you want to watch a certain drama, but even volunteers right in the middle of contributing are sometimes faced with the same “fate”. Still I usally wait depending on the issue, 2-4 weeks to give my request another little “push”.

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ok so once again my requests are ignored without resolution just closed if anyone knows the ceo email where i can complain i will do so on behalf of all of us please pm me i may have to cancel in protest?


This is one of the Downfall here at Viki their Custom service need a complete over-haul. I been a premium member here for many years and this is the same old story, they never give attention to issues in a timely manner.

I have been waiting for a reply on an issues and it’s been way pass 7 days, with no answer as of yet. Well I don’t know about others but I never has this customer service issue with Drama Fever they always return a reply in a timely manner.

But I bet if everyone was to cancel their membership you will heard from Viki “Staff Right Away”, I hope Viki don’t think because DF close down that the members can just sat around and wait since there are few Asian sites left that are legit. Just Saying

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heres a copy of a letter/message i have sent to Viki
“Hi there I am writing this to express my extreme dis satisfaction with viki customer service typical response for larger companies seems to be between 24-48 hours for a ticket under normal circumstances but in fact tickets are being closed without any notice or response In my personal thinking I’d say that response time should be no more than 12 hours. in order to keep customers happy you must give attention to issues in a timely manner. please don’t think because Drama Fever closed down that the members can just sat around and wait since there are few Asian sites left. if anything you should be refocusing Viki to be a leader not only in content but in customer support which in blunt honesty needs a complete and total overhaul and restructuring so that you treat customers l and our wonderful volunteers as the life blood they are or I gauntness you will fail as well I like Viki and its content but let me ask you would you stay as a customer to a company that offers virtually no support? I am from Canada which means i pay roughly 11 dollars the same as a STANDARD Netflix subscription and for that price I expect the same level of service or better I would like to stay and support Viki for a long time but unless service improves for not just me but all members give me a reason not to do so right now ? I will no longer put up with being ignored.”


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Okay, I am glad, I don’t need to answer this request. First of all I am a non-native English speaker.
For me it’s hard to get your main point, there is little structure in your request and a lot of anger. I can understand but most of the time it doesn’t help to vent that much.
Change your text a bit. Don’t start with the dissatisfaction, put it at the end.
Put the matters in order:

  1. Is it not possible to respond on requests in a more timely manner 1-3 days at max.?
    2.Can’t support of contributors be improved?

For an ambitious company like Rakuten Viki I would expect a better service …

I would always chose a request to be more like a formal letter and less than a indifferent social media comment. At the end it’s only a human sitting there at the other end, you don’t have the CEO there to read it. Try a calmer version. And be precise about your questions, don’t distract with comparing to others or your sentiments.

Hope it helps!^^

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I am very pleased and satisfied the way you wrote your complain. When it comes to your right as a paying customer I feel they need to also feel/sense how dissatisfied you are with them, and how angry this whole unnecessary situation is making you.

When it comes to $$$$ business deals politeness doesn’t cut it. They will only listen if they see they can lose you as a customer.

You stated your points and everything you said was true. I hope they finally have the decency to respond and resolve your issues. I think this is getting into the ridiculousness stage that they are completely ignoring subscribers/volunteers problems/issues here at Rakuten

So finally got a response to my issue and viki gave me a refund this month for the delay i advised them im not complaining just for me but support issues are a big problem here and smart thing would be a public apology to all members for lack of support recently and in the past and to reaffirm its support commitment and do better in the future something tells me they wont though so therefore i advise everyone be squeaky wheels they also dropped a hinto big changses somthing about a new streaming platform which may explain site changes recently

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At least now we have hope and that’s a start. They listened to you, and even gave you a refund. They also provided very important information that tells us positive good changes are on the way to Rakuten Viki. We now have hopes this site won’t disappear like so many have already. In a million years I ever thought DF would shut down. I felt they had so much control, tons of subscribers, and is all gone now…just like my K-mart all stores close in my area :(. It feels so weird to see giants crumble from one day to the other.