North Korean Movies

Does anyone know of any Korean documentaries, movies, dramas, etc.?

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This one so far is based on real life story between North Korea and South korea. In the end, you will see footage of what happened happened after NK attacked SK. Be prepared to cry and be completely devastated Worth watching.

This one is a drama. A must watch.

PS. On NTFLX they have hundreds of NK documentaries, several movies about NK spies played by SK actors/actress, all very heartbreaking. None so far have a happy ending. I don’t regret watching bc is good to know the history of different countries. I know you must know Crash Landing on You is about a NK guy falling in love with a SK rich girl.

YT has a Youtuber who has gone to North Korea about 4 times (he’s Mexican so videos are in Spanish), and he was allowed to record and you can see many parts of NK. Basically your heart will break when you see no cars on the road and children and ppl that look like they’re starving. The documentaries about NK are depressing too bc they play this eerie music and start the praising to the Leaders of that country, day and night. I don’t think I could survive living in a place like that.


Have you heard of this YT channel?
They have a lot of interesting information and do documentaries from time to time, but they do short videos too.

They mainly do North Korean refugees escape stories, but have videos about North Korean culture as well.

Not sure if you’re into books as well, but here’s a great one:


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thanks thats good to know. I did see one of those documentaries, and the police were following that guy everywhere he went! oh on YT

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