Not All Idols Are Treated Poorly

In fact, some are treated excellently. Case in point: The ultra-popular girl group, Twice. Last Summer, the girls, including Mina who has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, sat down with their employer, the one and only Park Jin-young, and told him about their fears and concerns as celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight. You wouldn’t believe what happened next. Unlike a certain agency that purposely downplays and ignores the serious problems of its idols (I’m looking at you, SM Entertainment, you jerk!), JYP had a heart-to-heart talk with the girls, actually taking the time to understand their situation. Mina was immediately seen by various doctors and specialists. She was also allowed to sit out concerts and performances until her health improved. Of course, the rest of the girls received equally special attention. And speaking of… JYP himself even wrote the lyrics to “Feel Special”, a superb track dedicated to those who share love and encouragement, not hatred and envy.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you take care of the people who bring in the fans and the money: Like actual human beings, not robots.
Furthermore, JYP has taken legal action against those who have posted malicious comments about its artists. Hopefully, these haters will learn their lesson, using words to lift up others instead.

Anyway, after all the sad news, I wanted to post something positive for a change. Have a pleasant weekend, everyone!


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@peggyroyster_409 I thought you might want to read this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the positive, I have always love and respected JYP he is a man of the HEART. We all need more of this in the world no matter where we live or who we are. LOVE FROM THE HEART is the answer for all mankind. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Really nice song thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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So cute thought!

Lol don’t worry, I don’t know whether it’s because of my last post or last posts.
I think you’re free to talk about suicide or depression or dark topics or brighter. I don’t mind :slight_smile:
If I don’t want to read about a topic or I’m not in the mood, I don’t read but you can talk about it if it’s what you have in mind or heart and you want to talk about it.

(I wanted to say (the meaning was), if we focus to see the bigger picture (in answer to 1 comment using this argument because the author of the comment thought we were only talking about idols) and if that’s what was intended, then we wouldn’t see only "idols suicide " or “suicide from Korea” or just “suicide” or depression, or just a country or one cause of sadness, unhapiness or misery.
Is the bigger picture = suicide in Korea?
I seriously think that in this world, the bigger picture is not 1 country or 1 social phenomenon, the whole picture is all the misery in the world.

That’s why I found it clumsy to bring the topic of suicide in Korean population like that (asking to see a bigger picture). The bigger picture is not suicide or Korea. The bigger picture is the planet, history, present and future, all the misery in the world.

How can anyone ask us to talk about a bigger picture when the same person only talked about suicide in Korea (a part of the picture) without mentionning other parts of the world or other causes of suffering? Where is the line?

In French, we have an expression:
“C’est l’hôpital qui se moque de la charité” = meaning sb criticizing for a default but the person also has the same default.

It’s like the black pot and the kettle or the crab mother asking to her baby crab to walk straight and the baby crab asking her mother if she could show him how to walk straight.

So I found it clumsy to bring Korean population suicide by putting it into contrast like that. And we were talking about a life, idol or not. I found it rather insensitive.
I’d have brought the topic differently if I wanted to talk about suicide in Korea. “It’s not only idols, but also…”

No need to say that sb should see a bigger picture for this and angel saw the bigger picture already.

  • An author about happiness talked about 2 sources of happiness. The natural one where we decide and deserve it and the synthetic one (fabricated) despite adversity and hardships. Our capacity to create our own synthetic happiness: we tend to think the future will be slightly better than the present.
    Or you had a bad day or something terrible happened or another consumer took the tomato you wanted to take, but your disappointment is still acceptable for you or the day after or time later, your brain attenuates it or your attention is on something else or you think of making a carrots soup instead or mood swings. Or relativise.

In some situations, we need it for our own survival. A natural immune system that protects us.
If we couldn’t attenuate the feeling of hurt with time or think tomorrow or some future time will be a better day, without hope or some faith, or think we have some chance to do it or believe in ourselves a little even after some bad events, then how could we continue?

We need some optimism to continue or success in something we set for us.
That’s why I prefer not to read topics when I know I’m not in the mood or in boo boo mood or when I’m seeking some sunshine or looking for my daily dose of smiles :slight_smile:

But feel free to talk about it, I don’t mind.


@dramalover_742 Then we should make them understand. From word of mouth to social media, we need to try out best to raise awareness about such topics.
Fortunately, some already understand this, so please don’t be upset with me for linking your name. I really wanted you to read this post.

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So true. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that JYP is preparing himself for a comeback. How awesome is that? :blush::slightly_smiling_face:

I completely understand what you’re saying. From my perspective, the conversation had to start somewhere. Celebrities are known throughout the world. It’s easier to talk about them than say a regular person. Also, this happens frequently in South Korea, and since VIKI is dedicated to Asian dramas and shows, I felt this was my point of departure.

“Even a person like him or her is depressed. Maybe life is more than fame and money and earthly things. Maybe my purpose on this planet is to encourage and lift up others. I can’t go to South Korea, but I can ask my neighbour how he’s feeling. I can ask my coworker how she’s feeling.”

I want everyone to think in this manner, just as you are. :slight_smile:




The sun and her flowers
Rupi Kaur


I completely agree with you, we should try to raise awareness about such topics and let all understand that is possible to hurt other people in many ways,even with words or through social media (in this case I’m referring to Sulli but,in general,this is a really important and discussed topic nowadays).
Oh and I’m happy you wrote this message linking me so I’m not upset at all ^-^

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