NOW PLAYING Binge-Watching GHOST DOCTOR - FEB 26 @ 11AM Eastern



The show is going to start at 11am and is going to continue until at least 8pm eastern. So join in whenever.


Count me in I love that show.


This drama does not appear to be watch party compatible according to my Viki.


Yes u are right. I forgot to check it before posting it. But i really wanted to watch that shows as it is hilarious.
Sorry for the inconvience


It’s okay. It happens. There have been several shows I’ve been excited to watch with other people, only to realize they are not WP compatible.


Yeah they should do the compatible for all shows lol
And i posted a new show that is going to happen which is GHOST DOCTOR


That’s weird, we’ve been doing a WP for this on Fri & Sat the last couple weeks and when I go to the page I have a popcorn bucket.

Oh wait, I’m guessing you changed the show… :woman_facepalming:


She originally had ‘Good Manager’ as the drama of choice, and that one is not available for WP.