NSSA - Subbing Divison - Official Notice About Existing Language Academies

Hello, NSSA followers,

Given the situation that emerged within the Italian community and after carefully going through all the posts and documents, the NSSA admin team is here with an official position. Is posted under the NSSA category since this will apply to any similar future situation from any community with a Subtitling Academy. So here is our position:

  • We will not take into consideration any application for any already existing and active Language Subtitling Academy.
  • We will not get involved in organizing any Language Academy. We already did this a bit through the recent internal Subtitling Academy regulations leading, for example, to the Italian Subtitling Academy having to make some changes in their program to match the regulations.
  • We will not take into consideration the appointment of academy moderators by time-defined mandates. The main reason for this is to not affect the stability of the program in the long term by having things changed each time there is a new moderator. Also, this will inevitably lead to anyone asking to change the moderator/replace the existing academy with a new one for any reason they may find together with some other contributors.
  • We kindly ask the Italian community to get this solved internally through communication. You know better your needs and how you function as a community so you should be the ones to solve the situation.

We recommend that every community with a language academy should always consider communication within the community as the only way to solve various situations that may arise in their work. This must be done based on openness to proposals and objective analysis, bearing in mind that a language academy is about the whole community, whether or not it is fully supported by the community.

Thank you for your time and understanding!