NSSA - Testimonials Form

Hello, NSSA graduates,

As some of you already know, NSSA is right now in the process of changing its website and we are looking to make it as useful as possible for both new and already experienced contributors.

One new section on the new website will be the ”Testimonials” and we need your help for it to be completed. So if you are an NSSA graduate (Segging/Subbing), please help us with some thoughts about your experience within NSSA. Keep in mind that these testimonials are going to be very useful for those who are thinking about signing up for NSSA but they are not sure enough. Let’s help them decide through our nice short stories! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here is the form to send us your testimonial: https://forms.gle/LSBk6AXmb5CBBr1JA

Thank you for your time!