Odd Kdrama endings

I’ve been watching Kdramas since the summer now. I’m fairly new to it, but one thing that’s stuck out in my mind is the bizarre endings. Are all of the endings this way? They all seem like happy endings for the most part, but they leave it open ended like the story isn’t really over. I don’t want to go into specific drama names because that would make spoilers for you. Here’s an example, a guy has been trying to get a girl to like him from the beginning, then he finally gets the girl in the end, but they just stare lovingly at each other and the show ends and the credits roll. No wedding, no flash forward to the future. It just ends. lol I know there’s no season 2, but it makes me wonder how they would have turned out. Then there was one that left me in suspense that I just finished the other day. The main character dies and there’s no hope for him. Then it shows everyone in the future moving on with their lives, and suddenly the other main character runs into him in the street, ALIVE and they smile at each other and the credits roll. What happened? What did they do then? Was the issue solved that the story was about? Did they live happily ever after? I’m loving these shows so much, but getting confused at the endings at the same time.


Oh, don’t get me started!
If a couple looks at each other lovingly, you should consider yourself fortunate, because, even if it’s not shown, it’s implied. That’s not considered open.
Or you do see them together but literally at the last two minutes. Again it’s not open, but you may feel cheated, because it’s understandable that after all the anxiety, you wanted to see some sweet scenes.

But in so many others, it’s much worse. You really don’t know, there are numerous threads left dangling, not just what happens to the main couple.

Out of the more than sixty dramas I’ve watched till now, I don’t think I can name ten that have had a really satisfactory ending. It seems to be a flaw with k-drama writers, so proficient otherwise. And it’s not that the Korean public wants it like that, because you read numerous complaints by Koreans and foreigners alike.


I really like how Kdramas are good clean entertainment and very sweet. I think the closest one to a true complete ending was Playful Kiss maybe out of the ones I’ve seen so far. These shows have so much character, so much emotion. They’re delightful to watch. They also have a lot of great humor and I am practically rolling on the floor laughing. I’m watching Shopping King Louie right now. It’s so funny. The Kdramas seem to have happy endings, but it seems to me they ended that way hoping for a season 2, but nothing happened.


There is never really a season 2 in Korean dramas. Which is why I love watching them because I hate these American Shows that still go “strong” in season 7 or whatever. Normally if you have a second season it’s just a similar storyline but with complete different people and stories. Best examples are Full House 2 (didn’t watch it) and Dream High 2 (was so disappointed after watching that).


Full House 2 is better than the first though.

I can only think of D-Day when you I read this. like what kind of ending is that?! They don’t kiss or anythig but run together back to the hospital???

It happened again. I just finished watching the most heartwarming story and at the end I thought he was going to ask the girl to marry him. Nope. Just a happy ending with them staring lovingly at one another.

Some of us know that marriage may NOT be a happy ending, though. LOL!

Yeah, that’s true. The show I was watching they talked about marrying, though. They showed the wedding of someone else in the show but not the main characters. lol

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I feel that if the ending is implied, such as the guy getting the girl but not actually showing a wedding, then it’s still an ending. I guess I just go with the idea that I can figure it out haha. I can see where some people wouldn’t be satisfied with that as an ending, but I would rather think of things in my own way than to have an ending that may feel forced. I’m not really a fan of the “fast forward to the shot of the couple at their wedding” scene at the end for the most part. There’s been a few where it worked and it was cute, but it’s not an ending that I tend to enjoy. I guess it really depends on your own preference. :smile:

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After reading that “still going strong part,” I couldn’t even finish reading I was laughing so hard:joy:


It’s true though :smiley: Like they are in season 7, the original characters all died already or moved away and suddenly you get werewolves and vampires in a story that started as a normal romance :smiley: Nope, definitely not what I like watching :stuck_out_tongue:


On the other hand there were series like “Friends” where you didn’t get tired although it lasted for 10 years. It was like meeting old friends every time.
A more recent example would be Downton Abbey. There was no problem that it lasted for some years.
Then only problem of those series lasting only three months and then starting again next year after a very long gap is the fact that you have to wait for so long for the next installment to start, that you forget what was going on previously and who was who. You lose your connection.
I vastly prefer a series that will go on uninterruptedly, but I do understand that they want to see how one goes before committing the time and money to make another season.
And series like Downton Abbey are pre-produced, every well-thought detail in place, the actors taking the time to rehearse properly and give their best. Unlike those Korean (and Greek) series where the screenplay may change from one day to another because of audience response, and the actors are given their lines a couple of days or even the day before the shooting.
What was the name of that drama where the leading man suddenly disappears mid-series to go study abroad, whereas his pianist half-brother’s story takes the lead? There was a huge scandal at the time.

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LOL I’m curious to know the name of this drama too. It sounds interesting

Hmmm. It sounds vaguely familiar.

I haven’t seen it, I just read about it, otherwise I’d remember the title…

Is it Five FIngers? I never watched it but I know it was about a pianist and there was a scandal with the lead actress who they originally hired for the role

I think it was Cheese in the Trap


I hated the ending of Fashion King…I rooted for Ah In the whole series and then they changed the ending because of fans…**spoilerdidn’t like the end of One Way Trip either since they killed off a character they didn’t need to and the woman lied and caused conflict between the friends and they betrayed a friend because of it