Official certificate from Viki

Hello everyone ,:wave:
I would like to ask, how can I get it? Is there a specific way?

Because I really want to receive it. Just curious as I have achieved almost everything here . Thank you all :relaxed:


Write to the help center that you want one.
Now I think about it, I want to ask for a new one as the one I have is old and contains a typo.

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What is that?

This is mine btw (my real name is written on it so I covered that.):

But it’s an old one, now they send it to you in PDF format. I believe someone posted an example of what it looks like on these forums but I only see mine when I check old topics about the certificate.


But there is no time frame on it. Just the date of issue. Wouldn’t it be better to say “from XXXX until today”, so that people who see it also see how many years you’ve been volunteering?


Ok , thanks for the reply , dear . I will write to them and see what happens :kissing_heart:

dear , you can find everything here :
good luck :smile: