OG BLs of all time - name them!

What do you consider a “classic” or OG BL of all time (as in, up until this point, lol)?

When I think of OG BLs, I think of mostly Thai shows; series like Sotus and Together with me. I feel Thai series were just the most common/accessible in the 2010s when I started my ~BL journey~, so I guess what is OG to you is really relative, though I’m most curious about literally old/older BLs! :rainbow_flag: :blush:

And just FYI a classic or OG BL doesn’t have to be a good drama, just something that sort of laid the groundwork for the BL genre today, if that makes sense.

HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE! 해피 프라이드! :revolving_hearts:


What does OG mean?


Hey! It literally stands for original gangster, lol, but it can generally be used to refer to any thing or person that is the best original of something, or the most authentic, or an expert of something, etc.

The best, the oldest, the most authentic, the truest… these sorts of things. I hope this makes sense…

If someone else has a clearer definition, feel free!

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Thank you. :slight_smile: