Oh My Baby

ok, I am wondering, and again my thoughts, why would a woman of 39 want to have a baby? there are so many children that need adopting.

yeah yeah I know they arent of my body. my choice and all. did anyone think this through? and being alone isn’t easy either, have to take care of your self,

I do plan to watch this drama today .may 26. and see if it does give me a good laugh. I don’t mean to sound morbid, disgruntled, the experience is all I am going to say. y’all have a great day

I hope this is really a good drama cause I do love the actors & actresses in the drama!

ok I am bowing and humbly apologizing. my laugh for the day!! I am your future!!! on the first episode and a few more laughs, okl and the answer I do know, this is a funny one, I got it…


Maybe she didn’t have a chance for that before? And maybe now the clock is ticking? I don’t see anything wrong with it, apart from maybe a higher risk, but that’s her choice to make.

Be that as it may, adoption is not for everyone. And I’m not talking about people’s personal preferences to have a child that’s their own flesh and blood. Adoption is age limited and extremely expensive. It’s certainly not an “easy way out”.


Mirjam yes, she worked all the time , didn’t have time for even a love life. and alos yes adopting is not for everyone, I don’t think I could have either. so I do agree with you. but still 39? lonliness, ??

It might be something she always wanted. Or she just realized if she wants it, she doesn’t have much time left. Maybe hormones kicking in?


I think it depends on the culture as well. If it’s normal for woman to wait for to have children later in life, because she first has to focus on her career and other activities, then she might want to start having children in her 30s. Maybe she still hasn’t found a partner by then and realizes it’s harder to find the kind of man she is looking for (because she has certain standards) and before she knows it, she’s hitting that 39 year mark. Sometimes timing is everything.

I haven’t watched this drama yet, so I don’t know the reasons they state in the drama, but I do have a lot of friends in their 30s with or without children, and some didn’t have their first child till they were 36 / 37 years old. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I also have friends who got pregnant when they were 19 / 20 because they wanted to (some might say that’s too young) :slight_smile:.


its still a good drama and funny I thjink you would like it


Reproduction treatment is also expensive and not only a topic for age 40+

Last week I saw a movie about a young couple in their 20’s (she was 26 and her husband around her age too). They had a good job, she could get a better position like the leader of a new project/dependance but after she married her boyfriend the only thing she wanted was a kid. So she wanted to have sex all the time, starting to do schedules and other stuff, lied to her husband about the pill who didn’t want kids yet but then agreed but later they had to go to a praxis for reproduction (they said his sperm was too slow/slower than usual). Then they tried in vitro baby making but that failed too (1x completely, next time with miscarriage). Her husband got super stressed but she was obsessed with getting pregnant. In the end she got pregnant by frozen in-vitro eggs/sperm but at that time (and also because he didn’t want that anymore at that moment) he already had an affair so she got the kid but no family at all because he left her to live with another woman he met on a party of his best friend.

The movie was somehow interesting because it showed her obsession quite well. In the movie he also said they could adopt a kid but she was like ‘oh no never it must be her own child’ so she destroyed everything with her obsession and he tried to tell her that love doesn’t depend on having own kids but for her this argument was illegitimate.

So I think that ‘need a kid’ wish is not related to a certain age and today 39 is not old at all.


I forgot which actress it was, I think it was one from the USA or UK who said in an interview that she’s around 36 but already after menopause and she didn’t expect that with 36. I don’t know if she has kids but well my thought was if she’d like to have some she couldn’t now although she is still young.


I knew a couple who wanted to have children so bad but it didn’t work out for them. They couldn’t find what was wrong exactly because she kept getting miscarriages. By the time they where considering adoption they where to old and they didn’t have the money. As a last option they wanted to do foster care but they didn’t meet certain requirements and their age was an issue again. They could only apply for emergency foster care or how that’s called in English, but they wanted to give a child a long term home.

It was so sad. They would have been great parents I’m sure but luck wasn’t on their side.

Ohh and in the topic I believe when Baek Ji Young was pregnant with her first child in 2013 when she was 37 I believe. To bad she had a miscarriage but in 2017 she gave birth to a baby girl. I was so happy for her.


wow ladies you opened my eyes! very interesting y’all!
thanks for a lesson!
.yes I was pre menopausal, and 37, so I did put what I kind of went through at that time., so I do know its up to an individual for this

and as for adoption, I did understand that was quite expensive . and as bad as some people want a child, heartbreaking so say the least. isn’t that introvetro expensive too? anyway. y’all watch the drama, I liked it, even if I did question it. really a good one.


It is but depending on the country health insurance pays for it, maybe not 100% but maybe around 2/3 and rest later (I’m not completely sure) and I don’t know how it is in other countries. That might be a difference between the in-vitro/reproduction treatment and adoption because I think the health insurance does not pay for costs related to adoption (somehow silly because in that way they could help both, a kid that gets a home and a couple who cannot have own kids naturally).


I’m very happy about this drama, this topic is actually very common for women in general, to have kids or not and when, early, late… all the physical challenges that come with it, in her case also endometriosis, even abortion can cause damage and the train left… In Once Again drama, we see how a couple actually distances from a situation where the wife had a miscarriage, it’s so much pressure and it depends how the couple really communicates with each other.

Anyway, Janet Jackson gave birth to a child at 51… I’m sure there are more “elderly pregnancies” around just like many young women have difficulties at young age to conceive… life is cruel, many women think at different age level also differently…

I think adoptions should not be such a financial burden as well.

Everyone stay healthy, life’s short, make every day count! :four_leaf_clover:


How could I even forget about that. Although I’m happy for her and health comes first, I was a bit upset the concert in The Netherlands (and the rest of Europe) got cancelled again. At first I was like huh?! But who am I to judge, as long as she’s happy and her child is happy that’s all that matters, the only sad thing is that her child most likely must say goodbye to his mother sooner then most children have too.


Indeed. And mommy may not be able to do everything young moms can do. But in reality you never know how life will go anyway. Some die at 20, some at 85 … As long as she is a good mother, I have nothing against it.


This is a pretty interesting article, I was rather surprised when I read it.


What I personally feel is that the FL had thought about adoption. She discussed it with her friends and she was open to it. So when she found out that the ML is infertile (at this time ML had already proposed her for marriage) they could I have thought about adoption instead of taking a break and going through so many hardships. Earlier adoption was scrapped because single people can’t adopt anyone.

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have you finished the drama? How was it??

Yup watched it. You can watch it once.