Oh My Geum Bi is gone!

Can anyone in Canada please help me get it back by requesting boy viki is bepming less and less worth the money

It’s still available for South America

If you still can’t watch it, the only thing left is continue requesting again


Good luck!

oh no! why did they pull that one off?

That’s odd, Viki didn’t tell me anything about a license that has been expired. But they are at random with that, sometimes they notify the CM and sometimes they don’t.

I can still see it just fine but I’m from Europe. To be sure it’s not a bug please write the help center.

I requested but is there any hope of it actually returning ?

I didn’t know till just a few days ago. that was such a beautiful story. wonder if I requested it too, maybe they would bring it back!

No at least in my country isnt avaible. Im from South America

Oh no! I love Oh My Geum Bi; it’s such a great show

Oh My Geum-Bi is now licensed elsewhere in USA (and perhaps Canada, too) so that might be why it’s restricted on Viki. I will put a NA license request in for the cause, it’s a classic to re-watch for certain. :smiley_cat:

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this is one drama I would love to watch again! and I did request it too.