Oh my Holo Love

oh my goodness! In love with a hologram? I thought the robots/cyborgs were the tops, but nope here’s another. oh, I think this is going to be a good one, Just finished the first episode, It was interesting for me. oh, this is on Netflix. really neat how this story develops, just got to watch it to see what I mean.


Who wouldn’t fall in love with a hologram hunk like him? lol

The bad part is they’ll be making hologram dramas until it comes out of our nose hahaha You know how much they did robots, piggy rides, drunken girl, rich guy ugly poor girl that turns ‘‘pretty’’ later on dramas.

In Crash Landing on You all you see women getting drunk and acting like fools. My daughter was so upset and said I shouldn’t watch dramas that depict women so poorly. I agree with that but I love Hyun Bin too much to let him go…:slight_smile:


ditto on Hyun Bin, I have started the first episode, so havent gotten too far with it. yeah, we will get over run with holograms, but I guess they don’t have anything else to write/show about well maybe they will find something worth while to create a good drama.

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I am currently on Ep 6 and i love it xD I have ditched my historic dramas for this drama! That must be a great plot for me if i like this more than the other current dramas rn ^^

@angelight313_168 I also wanted to start this drama but i have already 20 dramas who i am watching right now ^^’’’’ so many good dramas but so little time sigh…



Don’t worry it’s best if you start later bc all episodes will be there. I hate the wait so this coming weekend will seem eternal for me (for Crash Landing On you) (if your talking about the game towards zero I’m waiting to be fully subbed b4 I start watching again) I hate waiting for subs in a drama lol.

And yes, HOLO LOVE is somewhat addicting bc every episode has something exciting to see. The main couple complimented themselves so well. I want to watch it again bc is that good.

Like you I have so many dramas available it’s overwhelming some times.lol


I also saw the series and she was so good. But when I saw the series, I can’t get this one song out of my head… the worker from Go Nan- do who always helps him with the computer work, hears always a song from an artist named “MIKO”. You can hear the song in the Ep 4 Minute 30:40 …
I’ve always searched for the song but never found it anywhere. maybe one of you knows the name of this song??

I’ve finished this Drama, I literally falled in love with the main character!
Hope to see a real Holo in my life.

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