Ok, anyone still have cold weather?


just curious, lets see my part of the world is summer,(and starting to get hotter)
so what is your part of the world like now?


We have April weather somehow :thinking: the ​​last few weeks it has always jumped back and forth between 26° back to 15° so within a day… tomorrow we should be 27° again…
Degrees :grin::slight_smile:


Today was pretty OK, 84° Fahrenheit. :sun_with_face:


sounds good to me!!


The second day of summer 2022 here in #NYC, instead it feels like the start of fall. :frowning:
Check your country’s, and local seasons start, and end dates below:


23rd day of Winter here in Melbourne, Australia. Still, our climate is very mild in Winter. We only ever have a handful of days where it gets to –1 or –2 Celsius. If I want to play in the snow, I need to find a mountain that has some on it.


In Greece, we’re melting. I try not to turn on the AC because electricity has become extremely expensive, but last evening we caved in, it was unbearable. Well, only 35°C, they say it will get to 40 in the next period.


36°C yesterday, but today is bearable (it rained). I’m not looking forward to July and August :’)


y’all thats really good to know, well cause i am curious