Ok here goes a topic for T-dramas


boy this link is really old, don’t know if anyone will check this out or what ever.
I know there are a lot of good Taiwanese dramas out there. How come Viki don’t check these out, Nod battles or what ever. I am sure there are a bunch of mysteries abound, what about even a scifi, and historical stuff, gosh even a cooking show would be a good one , a war stolry maybe? historical? don’t know much about this country either. so hey writers or someone lets do this. would love to see more of the Taiwanese dramas


There are several Taiwanese dramas on Viki.

On Viki’s homepage, click that Explore link at the top, then pick your country.


ok I vented a bit, thanks I will check it out.


There are plenty, LOST ROMANCE is my favourite…and I want to try Yong Jiu Groocery Store next :grin:


ok vivi I will check thjose out today, thanks


Some more known others might not. I think I need to look up reviews for In a Good Way, it seems a little low, but I liked it actually, so I am wondering, what others might think about it.


Lutra I have not watched these. didn’t think I wouild like autumn concherto

loved fated to love you this version as well as the other one(Korean)
drunken to love you was really a good one.

so the rest I haven’t watched. causae I didn’t think they mwould be good. only reason. ok I will check these out too


I just finished When I see you again. Jasper’s character is so adorkable in this one. :grin:

This is a cute show. Even the local ‘wanna be’ gangsters (not) were off the wall.

His awkward, nerdy teen self was adorkable. I laughed so much when he was walking to school while reading! I USED TO DO THAT! and there were several times when I walked right into a telephone support wire. SMACK! I knew it was there but I’d always forget to sidestep when I got close. I don’t know how many times I smacked my head on that thing until I FINALLY got a clue (Don’t read when you are near that thing.) [Note: She doesn’t say, don’t read while walking. just don’t read while walking near that wire.) :rofl:

Jasper is really a cutie once he’s out of that green track suit. :grin:


#1LOST ROMANCE LOST ROMANCE and Marcus “Gorgeous” Chang!!!!! I think he has the most gorgeous hands on the Planet and he is an awesome singer on the OST. Love Bromance also!

I know it was said but I’ll say it AGAIN! Best t-drama evermarcus%20chang


I love Baron Chen Bromance is a little campy but the couple is Electric!

And I love Bii from Bromance. His music is just beautiful!

I love Aaron Yan


me too!! I’ve walked into lots of telephone poles and have almost been hit by a bus because I was crossing a road while reading :flushed: kdramas quite literally saved my life :rofl::rofl:


Oh, well I didn’t do that, but back then there were still trolley busses on the road, and when you got off, on top of the doors there were sturdy metal brackets and since I am taller than 6 feet for the longest time don’t get me started about how often I hit my head resulting in a bump every time.


Heya! I just wanted to promote Wacko At Law for a moment because I feel it is so underrated, and Viki never places TDramas on the featured dramas page, smh.

If you like Crime, Romance, Drama, Comedy, you’ll like Wacko At Law. It is a blend of all these genres, and it features Taiwanese stars George Hu and Esther Yeh. I feel it is pretty interesting and almost every episode you’ll get a new case or a new mystery to solve.


love it, the actors too wako at law. love it!


I have this on my watchlist


Also Park Seo Joon’s character in What’s wrong with Secretary Kim! He smacked right into a door! :laughing: He’s really good at physical comedy. I liked how he took just a sip of hootch, walked off down the hall and did a face plant! ZERO tolerance! That’s ME! :rofl:


I loved fated to love you, office girls, drunken to love you. so I haven’t watched the others, I will check them out then


slow on the subs, I will check it out again today,


I LOVE this show! It’s so Sweet! He makes washing hair like the most sensual thing I have ever seen. I like have watched it and wished I could find a guy like him to wash my hair and massage my temples…alas…I digress.