Ok Peeps! What is your FAVORITE line or scene in a drama?

Ok Peeps! What is your FAVORITE line or scene in a drama?


Konglish was invented way back during the Joseon Dynasty, not in the 1970’s! -

  • Mr. Queen - The King is wondering what the Queen said so he writes it down and studies the mysterious word. “노트치” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (I died laughing)

= no = t and = chi… (no touch)

I’m glad I’ve been learning Korean for about a year now. I am even starting to get the visual jokes. :smiley:



도깨비 - Goblin tries to call the Grim Reaper and sees a weird reddish view on his phone. Goblin tells Grimmy to move the phone away from his ear. Grimmy moves it out sideways as Goblin instructs him to move it to the front but Grimmy just doesn’t understand. I laughed so hard my sides and face HURT!



도깨비 Goblin is trying to be a cool guy and one-up Grimmy who doesn’t know how to use a phone. When Yoo Deok-hwa tells the both of them to go to Google Play Store, Goblin gets up and puts on his coat.

I died… Those guys were fantastic at deadpanned humor.


Fight My Way - Park Seo Jun is hilarious being jealous! Especially when he throws a rock at his adversary and then ‘huffs’ in the taxi as he takes off with his girl.
I had to watch that scene several times to get all of it, - laughing so hard I couldn’t see the screen.

Oh! and as a kid when he shared that ‘love fart’ hahahahahahahahahahROFLahahahahaha!



There is this legendary line from Boys Over Flowers that gives me the goosebumps of cringe and that is:
Jandi : “It’s strange. “
Ji-hoo : “What’s strange?”
Jandi : “Whenever the emergency bell rings in my heart, you always appear. “
Ji-hoo : “Then let me be.”
Jandi : “What?”
Ji-hoo : “Let me be Geum Jan Di’s honourable firefighter.”
:joy: I MEAN… CLASSIC :cupid::cupid::cupid::cupid:


Yea, JiHu - I think was a better catch than Jun Pyo. Jun Pyo was really too mean.

You know what’s funny? The first time I saw this show and saw Kim Hyun-joong - (JiHu) I laughed and said, “Freddy!” :rofl: He reminds me so much or my old boyfriend Freddy, (a long-long time ago - back when I was 15) Whenever I see him I always think, “Freddy!” Except Freddy wasn’t a dye job - he had black hair. :grin:


My favourite:
gwaenchana (welcome to Waikiki)
play store (goblin)
yes but no… exactly (the package)
oppa (kill me heal me)


ok so this is my favorite scene in the drama and also the only scene I can remember I’ll just copy-paste something that I posted so if u know the name of the drama plz reply…
I don’t really remember what happened in it but I do remember that I watched it sometime between 2010 and 2016. What I remember from the drama is that it’s a school drama, the girl had a crush on a handsome boy in her crush so her friends told her to try and yawn in class to see if he noticed her (u know how when u see someone yawn u yawn too) and when she yawned the whole class yawned except for him, the next thing I remember is that they had a costume party of something and one of her friends dressed up as lady gaga.
I’m not sure if this info is going to be helpful for you guys to remember its name but I hope it is.
if anyone knows its name, please reply to me, thanks.


aw. I have not seen that one so I can’t help you with the title. Good luck!

Ling Buyi: “One gaze that lasts 10,000 years” (Love like the Galaxy - Episode 38)

He’s so romantic for an inexperienced general.