Okay. can someone tell me where he's from? xD

LOL i found this gif and im wondering if anyone knows who this is because its racking my brain and i thought i saw him somewhere before… just curious haha

lol funny gif isnt it?

Pretty sure that’s Song Joong Ki. Most recently in Nice Guy?

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! thank you, i didnt watch the drama but i saw him somewhere else… anyways hes SO cute!! thanks for putting an end to my brain freeze!!!

He plays the main in the movie A Werewolf Boy. Maybe you have seen him there.

ahh!!! thank uu!! were can i watch that??? i remember wanting to watch that a while ago and saw his face!! maybe thats why.

Maybe you saw him in Running Man? He was part of the original cast but ended up leaving.

He is also in Sungkyunkwan Scandal : )

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THATS WHERE I SAW HIM RECENTLY TOO!!! thanksssss omg it was still bothering my brain lol

ahhh, i saw a pic of that!! thanks for telling me !