very random topic, i know. but i really dang LOVE this tea/drink! i drank it today, and i just want to know if you drink it where you live too. if not YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!! for those who dont know, its a very sweet asian drink with these delicious gummies at the bottom that are tapioca “pearls”. its mainly a taiwanese thing (didnt know that till today) but the chinese and koreans sell it an eat it too.


who drinks it, what are your favorite flavor, and how much does it cost where you live?

here in New York, its $4.50 to $5.00 for a small -__- (varies where you go, sometimes cheaper) very expensive sometimes, but this shop open and its 3 BUCKS FOR A LARGE! now you know i go there every day. lol. believe me, im sharing this drink with everyone in my area, there like “whats that! looks good imma try it!” my aunt tried it today and was suprised and loved it.

how did you discover about it too? my sis found it “accidentally” when she popped into an thai store (or taiwanese store) and took me there the next day. i fell in love with the taste. so refreshing.

kpop idols with bubble tea! :

@dramaaaaa you know how that is ^.~ …


um,is this KATE from just you?!!! (all the wayat the right) if not sorry lol

PS. the straws are just awesome!!!


The term “bubble tea” still confuses me. I usually get like a fruit smoothie variety, but I think people still call it bubble tea?

Anyway, I love it!! Now that it’s summer here, I’ll probably get it more ^^
(Ah, but all my money >.< Still, not as expensive as in NY I guess. Usually $3-4 for a regular?)

what was the feeling that i experienced when i first drunk it ?
-simply i was glossy …

I really wanna try it but here where I live it isn’t sold


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A few years ago Bubble Tea Shops popped up everywhere here in Berlin, Germany. I prefer the Green Tea-fruity ones with the little bubbles filled with fruit flavored syrup, but they contain a LOT of sugar, so I’m only having them once in a while, even though I’d like to have one every day. :smile:
As for the price, last time I got a large size cup for 3.50€.

HAHAHAHAH “glossy”? I Love it! LOL that is how we feel yesss.

wow thats cheap! i would go there every day lol but

Exactly lol. all our money would be wasted on that. still, at least its cheaper where you live!

yea, because even tho its fruit its from a “tea” base. like they based the taste on the tea

awww man T.T you need to travel just for a bubble tea! : D hahaha maybe you can find bubble tea stores near your area by computer…

i so want to make it!

i like the green one too! ahh… im sure they do have allot of sugar… but that is something i think im never going to look up (how much calories they have) because ill be too scared to drink it Hahaha

Yes, you definitely would be scared. I only know it, because there was a huge fuss about them in the local newspapers, because children get them daily with there pocket money and they contain so much sugar and other bad things, that there is a huge risk of getting diabetes, if consumed too often. And I don’t want to start on overweighed kids. :wink:
Personally I think, that a lot of our food today contains a lot of unneccessary/unhealthy crap and I don’t care about it anymore. I eat and drink what I like. I’m just watching out for the incredible unhealthy things and get them only once in a while as a treat.

I agree about the calorie dangers in most foods today. It seems to me that even Orange Juice is sweeter than it was when I was younger. It’s like syrup now. I can’t drink it without diluting in with water first!! What did they do to those poor oranges?! lol Am I being paranoid? Dunno. I love bubble tea but at the end of the day it’s junk food and too much junk food is definitely NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Don’t get me wrong, I allow myself to indulge in what I like on a regular basis. I just don’t eat everything I want, EVERY time I want it. Let’s face it. I’m sure we’d all like to eat fried chicken and ice cream sundaes all day, every day but we don’t because we know better.

I think it’s not everywhere Junk food - I think in Eastasia it is “healthier” than in other places…
Now I live in Germany and here the largest costs about 3,20 €…But I don’t know exactly, because I buy everytime small -

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wow! thats good because i buy it (in the other stores) for 4.50 and up for a SMALL!

yea, i agree with you ran chan, its good that @wendy_whitehead @Junique you guys want to stay away from calories and sugar. i dont blame you. as long as you dont have it everyday you should be fine ^ ^ i didnt know that it had that much sugar and stuff! its a surprise to hear, but i think over here where i buy it, its more of milk substance and tea then it is sugar (no syrup, though some places do have syrup).it tastes light and clean, but it still can consist of it. i dont mind, since i dont do it every day and its just a special treat for me.

whats your favorite flavors? mine is probably the honey-dew-melon one 1st, then coconut and taro! and almond. they should make a pistachio one mmmmm…

Yeah, like I said, I get it nonetheless :slight_smile: Also I think, that the milk ones contain a lot less sugar than the fruit ones with the syrup-bubbles, but I like that one so much better.

My favorite flavor is Green-Tea-Mango with passionfruit-bubbles.
Actually after thinking about this, I want one right now! :smiley:

i think so too. its still good to be cautious tho. i looked up the calories O.O whateves, i dont have it all the time, but like you i think im gonna go get one today! LOL i love the milky ones!

green tea mango? i havent tried that. mmmm sounds good. they have passion fruit bubbles?! where? lol

LOL i knoww so much talk makes you hungry/thirsty xP

Actually those passionfruit-bubbles are really common around here. I saw them in every Bubbly-Tea-Shop, that I’ve been to.
Now I’m starting to wonder about the regional differences. Maybe there are so many more flavors to try out there and I don’t even know about them. :smiley: