Old team recruitments from 2016? What's going on?

Is there a special reason, why suddendly requests from 2016 and older are popping up in the discussions? Have I missed anything? What’s going on?

I didn’t notice anything on my side. Maybe a glitch? Is it still happening for you?

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Yeah! me too! What gives. Some even older than that. All ahead of the current topics!

This started a couple of days ago?

Moa Desaym

I don’t actually know what’s going on. But one thing I noticed was that if you click on the orange pencil (edit icon), it shows that Irmar has been editing the title of those posts that are popping up, adding tags to them (like: [C-DRAMA] , [K-DRAMA], [K-VARIETY], etc.) Maybe she’s doing a bit of spring-cleaning/organizing in the Volunteering forum? :smile: Or… maybe it’s just a glitch lol. :sweat_smile:


You’re right! I wondered, because at first I thought, I’ve got a reply, just to see those tags. And it’s not a grave matter, just irritating, because they are popping up ahead the current topics. :wink:

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Exactly. Following Team Discussion guidelines on this. Just for the last few months, really, earlier than that it’s not necessary.
By the way, I’ve been meaning to make a post about this, what about us adding a post at the end of these stating whether they have been solved, and if they are, asking viki staff to eventually close them? I already did that to all mine.
See here:

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This really confused me. I come here for the latest info and to see a post of mine from over a year ago was like “huh?” Is it a bug or what?

I got a couple of PMs about an old topic that was buried. No big deal really but just irritating like @somejuwels said. The truly important posts are buried. sigh

I guess we’ll have to bump up stuff now. Great…not. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :wink:


Exactly. Like I hired a Polish mod a long time ago. That post could have been left alone, buried down where it was - without any non-divine “intervention”.

Some vikibug clearly or someone with too much time and not enough projects.

Sheesh! no time to stalk about here looking for the CURRENT THINGS when they’re under a heap of what has been, months and years ago/

Moa Desaym

**Exactly! **

Thank you.

Moa Desaym