Oldies but goodies

Tengo seis y siete años. Nací en Corpus Christi, TX en el año mil noveciento cincuenta y tres (cuando Texas fue el estado mas grande en los EEUU). Soy una tejana orgullosa y me llamo Edith, pero no tengo calidades de la reina de novelas, Edith Gonzalez, y no tengo la lengua madura de la tierra de mi nacimiento. Soy simplemente “una hincha” con español en mi alma.

That being said, about 20 years ago, courtesy of Univision on cable TV, Cuban friends introduced me to novelas, and on Friday nights after work, we would drink piña coladas, eat flan and cookies, and watch novelas.

I remember Imperio de Crystal and Gotita de Amor. And I remember shouting at the TV screen, crying, laughing. It was great.

Now that I am retired and working for myself (graphic design, writing, proofreading, editing) I am trying to revive my Spanish by watching everything from “the good old days” I can find.

I would love to know if anyone who is a Viki addict has a place in her/his heart for the “oldies” (wow, did women really have such puffy hair?) . . .

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“Oldies” as in which decade? I’m 17, so what I classify “oldies” will probably be what was “in” and “new” for you :sweat_smile: The oldest TV show I watched and loved was the American sitcom Boy Meets World (1993-2000)!

Watch out . . . I’m replying to a reply instead of replying with a reply, So “Disky B” might come running off the dance floor screaming.

I moved to Rochester, NY from Richmond, VA in 1984 to go to grad school at the University of Rochester; I got an M.A. in Medieval English Literature. When I escaped the confines of education, I decided to stay in Rochester, decidedly less humid than Richmond. Plus my parents needed to know I was not starving. So I started a career as a low-level municipal government worker bee.

Through mutual friends, I ended up renting an apartment in a duplex (up and down, not side by side) owned by a very cool Cuban couple. When I discovered that I could still call up a fair amount of my childhood Spanish, my landlady and I (who was about ten years my junior) would get together on Friday nights and watch 90s novelas and shriek over all of them.

If you are looking in on this thread, I assume you know Spanish well. I also will assume that you learned European-style Spanish.

If the Answer With Question song title were:

Bartha-loan-a or Barsa-loan-a?

I’m guessing you’d go with

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Sorry to say this is very incorrect . You are saying here: I have six and seven years.
I’m guessing you mean you are 67 years old.
The correct translation is: Yo tengo 67 años. I am 67 years old. You can’t be 6 and 7 years at the same time. lol

I’m glad you love to practice your Spanish, but sadly the Telenovelas are the wrong method to learn Spanish. Telenovelas does help somewhat to become familiar with some words, but I suggest/recommend [You tube videos] I was checking them out and was very pleased with them.


I have been 56 years gone from Texas, and without my Cuban friends to keep me focused, a lot of what I learned has gotten mushy.

Que locura. Que lastima. Oy veh.

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That’s the thing that complicates the Spanish language. Although they are speaking in Spanish they use different words, and make up words that are not even in the dictionary. The hardest to understand for me in Spanish are the people from the Dominican Republic. Cubans are not that bad to understand but they say ‘‘Vaya’’ way too much lol

Is all good keep up the practice. Call your friends.

:joy: Uh… that is a NOPE! I speak California Spanglish. I do understand quite a bit of Spanish but I am nowhere near fluent. Plus, my Spanish will hop over to Tagalog as soon as a loan word is shared. :smirk: :rofl:

But I would watch the novelas with mom. She’d be laughing and cussing at those bad people. :sunglasses: I would get about a third of the conversation. But the acting was so over the top that you can guess what was going on. Yea, really soapy novelas. :joy::rofl:

The languages spoken in my neighborhood were English, Puerto Rican and Mexican Spanish and Tagalog. Throw in some Salvadoreño and Azorean Portuguese - Mix that up and you get Bay Area polyglot. (San Francisco)

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Oh, wow, I am just imagining the smells in the air at supper time . . . with, interestingly, rice as a common element.

It’s almost time for din-din here. Watch Viki and eat. Yep, nothing better.


You know I avoid eating while watching K dramas bc those unexpected bathroom scenes or drunken episodes. You don’t know the times I had to put away what I was eating bc of a nasty stomach turning scenes. I believe I’m not the only one who feels that way bc i read several ppl saying they have unpleasant experience while watching dramas/movies.

Unless of course, you have a strong stomach and nothing bothers you.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: