Olympic Games 2014 Sochi

I didn’t see a topic about it yet and since they start tomorrow I thought let’s make one.
Do you plan to watch it and if so which sports do you plan to watch?

I think I will only watch figure skating because the rest don’t interest me much even when there are Dutch people competing hahaha. Might see some summaries when we won something though.

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I like the Winter Olympics better than the summer, so I will definitely watch some of the events. This is the first time women will be allowed to participate in the ski jumping event, so I will want to catch that, even if it is only online. My friend is on the US Olympic Ski Team Committee, so I have been following the ski team’s progress through his Facebook page.

I like the figure skating too, but only the finals. I hate it when the announcers hype up the skater and then he/she falls on his/her butt and falls to the bottom of the standings. Just breaks my heart.

I don’t really watch, but maybe I’ll track and cross-country. I’m going to watch the opening and closing ceremony.