OMG I missed my 13th Viki anniversary!


I had planned on making a topic about it yesterday but totally forgot as I was so tired due my new fulltime job. Due that job I will be contributing a lot less but still I didn’t want to let this pass quietly. 13 years is a way long time. Most likely longer then most Viki Staffers are around these days…

So happy anniversary to me…LOL


Congrats, Dudie!
You were already at Viikii, before I found out about it in Dec 2009.
You went from the changes of dark grey and green to dark grey and blue. You survived “server meltdowns” and many other technical issues …
Viki should create a survivor badge for all the storms you have encountered through the years! :cake: :partying_face:


Congrats Dudie!
Wow you have been in Viki for a very long time.:blue_heart::blue_heart:



That would be nice… and yeah a lot has changed from green donation ribbon on your profile when you donated 10$ to support Viki to VikiPass. From sourcing video’s from Youtube, Dailymotion and such to getting fully legal with licenses. The first time when Viki ever worked with a Korean broadcaster MBC to provide subs for the Playful Kiss Youtube version…


Gefeliciteerd! ::tada::tada::tada:



That’s wonderful! You’ve surely been through a lot and yes, you do deserve a survivor badge!
But it must make you sad too, to see the gradual changes to what Viki is today. Technically for the better, with new tools and such, but regarding the spirit, enthusiasm, ideals and -crucially- the position of volunteers and how they are regarded/treated, probably not a lot to rejoice for.
But for today, let’s focus on the positive.
I’m glad I’m here and I’m glad I’ve met you, dear Dudie. You make this place a better place.


Congratulations to one of my longest term friends at viki! We both joined in 2009 and have weathered many changes for the better technically and for the worse in terms of regard for the volunteers.


Congratulations!! Thank you for surviving it all and providing viewers with quality subs for so many years :heart::heart:
You’re amazing! The Viki community wouldn’t be what it is without veterans like you


Congratulations on 13 years of contributing to Viki!:tada:


Congrats Dudie!


Thanks everyone for the kind words. That makes volunteering all worth it despite all the shitty things :slight_smile:


@dudie . . . Thirteen years ago, I was just discovering anime on CrunchyRoll and escaping the stress of a horrible job on weekends by bingewatching Bleach. Then I discovered Japanese doramas and T-dramas and FINALLY K-dramas and C-dramas on DramaFever.

I would go home and order moo goo gai pan and fried rice and chow fun and nori-wrapped vegetarian sushi from a Chinese restaurant run by a Taiwanese family. Then I would watch Asian entertainment on my computer and eat and cry out the week’s stress out. It was in so many ways, a lifesaver and a sanity saver, as Viki has been

I thank you so much for putting up with all the Viki volunteer garbage and modeling what intelligent, creative, sophisticated, accurate segging and subbing are supposed to look like. As the oldest maknae in the segging/subbing community, allow me to say with a deep bow,“Gabsahabnida!”

It is within the Viki community that I have, after all, learned one of life’s most valuable lessons:

(KEEP-CALM meme website)


Gefeliciteerd! :partying_face:
Bedankt voor alle ondertitels en segmenten die je hebt bijgedragen.
En hopelijk blijf je ook hierna het plezier houden om Viki te bezoeken en/of bij te dragen.


Hello from Greece my dear Dudie been here from 2008 even before you registered. I don’t know how many of us are still active till today. Viki should give us an anniversary gift as well. It would be fun if we made a team discussion with all old members as well and share our experiences


I hinted for a “care package” a while ago when someone made a topic about Viki giving care packages for PR to random influencers with some nice snacks and such. But nothing… they don’t even PM or send us a mail about our anniversary and they are not seen in this topic either. Not surprising at all and I wasn’t expecting anything but still it would be nice to feel appreciated by Vikistaff as well. The only mail I’ve got from Viki is that I should contribute more to keep my VikiPass which is about to expire in 2,5 months and I still need to make 169 subs or segments. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And yes many have left over the years.


Congratulations on your anniversary


Congrats @dudie, it’s never too late to celebrate! You can party all year :confetti_ball::balloon:
Now going for 15 and 20 :clap: would be nice if Viki sends you a cake with a card :moon_cake: or some other appreciation :wink: perhaps at 15… :thinking: