On a scale of 1-10 how badly does second hand embarrassment affect you?

I would have to say that second hand embarrassment affects me 9/10. I have a tendency to feel what other people are feeling, even if I don’t know them or I’m just watching them on tv, it happens all the time.


10! 10! 10! I hate this about myself actually. Whenever I know a cringy scene is gonna come up in which the character is gonna embarrass himself/herself, I just CAN’T get myself to watch it! And even when I force myself to watch it, I just peek at the screen from behind a pillow while screaming “Nononononono” in my head. :sweat_smile: :flushed:
I feel so much for some characters, that’s why I sympathize with those evil-for-a-reason villains a lot and hate it when they get a bad future (Eg: THE K2)

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OMG SAME! I can’t with the embarrassing scenes!! They make me cringe so much!!

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