On My SoapBox! Would You/Or Have You Ever Bothered Your IDOL/Actor if you saw them in PUBLIC/Airport/Mall ETC


I have seen so many videos where actors or IDOLS are accosted by their fans. Like Gong Yoo was rushed during filming of Goblin (scared crap out of me). I have seen Kim Jae Wook followed in an airport. Lee Jong Suk didn’t react like someone wanted him to with a fan (he didn’t see) and he was called all kinds of names.

I WOULD never BOTHER one of my favorites outside of a FAN Meeting unless we were sitting together somewhere and he engaged me. (Lord PLEASE let this happen someday :crazy_face::star_struck:)

I might take a photo but I’m not going to FOLLOW them! They do not care about what I’m doing they just wanna get where they are going! They are just HUMAN and need SPACE.

At a fan meeting, they are inviting you into their lives!

WHAT DO YOU THINK??? No judging if you have or have not or would or would not just wondering.

(And yes, I have been backstage with KISS and Aerosmith and Green Day - and I didn’t bother them)


Unless he/she makes me believe I am welcome at that moment. Normally I would see it as their private time and in their private time they can do whatever they like.


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I’ve never been in a situation such as this but if I were, I’d probably smile and say “Hi” but that would be the extent of it unless they welcomed further conversation. I feel it would be very invasive/intrusive to get in their face. I try to treat people they way I would want to be treated.


I did cycle past a house of a Dutch celeb for years on my way to work. Sometimes saw him cycling with his son. Saw him in the shopping center a few times. Or in the supermarket. My mom had a chit chat with him while deciding what to get and when the weather was nasty. She also asked him to get something from a higher shelf she couldn’t reach. Now he moved and his new build house is done by now, when we drove past it a few weeks ago some men where still working in there. It’s no secret at all where he lives in the city but I never heard of stalking incidents or fans ringing the doorbell all day. His new house has a fence around it and a front garden but the old house didn’t have that.

Did I ever bother him or any other celeb I saw? No.


Not gonna lie, I would definitely stare… hard haha.

I am HUGE sports fan.The only time I bothered a celebrity was when I saw the quarterback of my favorite team in a restaurant. I wasnt going to bother but decided to ask for a pic once I saw other people did. Weird experience, probably wont happen again… until the next time I see an athlete I love :rofl:



Seriously! You guys ROCK!

I knew a few older retired celebrities. But just be polite and be friendly that’s all you gotta do.


My heart would be pounding out of my chest but I would do the side stare!


No telling what I’d do :face_with_hand_over_mouth: It depends.
I’d check their body language :sparkles::wink:
Signs that say they are open, and approachable.

Ha! I’d most definitely stick out like a sore thumb :laughing::smile: gaping their way :eye::eye::laughing:


PLEASE!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile:

Whatever I’d do, I definitely wouldn’t follow them, that’s disgusting and really bothers the celeb-- it could be a fan or an attacker, how would they know? I remember when Baekhyun went live and tere were a few people following the poor guy from afar…he spoke really firmly about them and said he wouldn’t reveal their faces since he knew fans would beat them up, but he said was upset about it.


It really bothers me when I see one of my BOYS being harassed. Like REALLY bothers me! I am only 5’1" but I could be a Strong Woman Do Bong Soon for them


Lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:




@kdrama2020ali :muscle:t6: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Tiny but formidable when angry— I totally fit the squad! :joy::joy: