On My SoapBox! Would You/Or Have You Ever Bothered Your IDOL/Actor if you saw them in PUBLIC/Airport/Mall ETC


ummmm…I just fond out something about the LSG dating thing. It’s not simple.
Lee Da In’s parents were committed a huge fraud(stock manipulation) that affected many, many people. Some even suicided and others’ lives were ruined.
And their daughters Lee Da In and her sister have lived lavish lives on that “blood money”. It’s reported that despite having their own careers, they live in a house bought by their mother. Korean LSG fans are furious that he’s associating with such a family. I don’t really blame them, since many people’s lives were affected. However, sending death threats is definitely not the answer and people should leave LSG alone since he’s a grown man making his own decisions.


Well but it’s his life. She didn’t commit the crime - She didn’t disown her family but we don’t know the whole story - I think they should leave him alone. You fall in love with who you fall in love with and I’m sure that he weighed things like that in his mind. I would hate to see him destroyed over his lovelife. It seems to me no matter what these guys do - neitzens will dig and dig and dig to destroy anyone because they don’t like the actor or actress dating - same with the guy being labeled an “escort”
(Just my thoughts not very eloquent as its 1:30 am)


I’ve read that at least one well known kdrama actor has a vacation condo near me, and I’ll admit that sometimes I keep an eye out to see if he is anywhere when I go out into town. But realistically it’s not like I’m going to go up and try to start a conversation or anything.

I would definitely be too shy to say anything, except maaaaaybe a very very quiet “annyeonghaseyo!” or wave–and plus I have trouble right now even recognizing my own friends under masks and sunglasses, which are still ubiquitous where I am.


David Tennant when he was in the spotlight years ago after the successful revival of the Doctor Who TV series. Yeah, it’s funny an’ all, but come on people! As David said, how can you not see how inappropriate this is, it really is the most gross invasion of personal space!


He’s so adorable! I love his voice! Naked David Tennant & someone wanting an autograph - hilarious!

OH MY JOSHY I love Josh Groban People know me if Josh Groban comes on in a store or where ever I’m like “It’s my Joshy” SHHHHHHHH

This is hilarious! Thank you!



So I saw photos on Lee Minho’s Facebook recently as he walked through the mall! You see people on cell phones taking photos while he’s trying to get a good selfie in the mall!

Would you follow him???


I consider myself somewhat of a diehard fangirl insofar as I fall hard and fast for public figures such as actors or singers (in a totally innocent, ‘holy cow, you caught my attention and now I want to know everything about you’ sort of way). But this is all done from the privacy of my own home. I would never and could never be one of those rabid fans who mobs their idol. Shoot, I have been in situations where it would be acceptable to approach said person (such as at a concert during a fan meeting time), and I still can’t muster the courage to approach them. I am far too shy and socially awkward. I remember once seeing a group of guys at the airport who I am completely sure was a fairly famous group during their time (though I saw them many years after they would have been very popular), but I convinced myself it wasn’t really them because they weren’t traveling with an entourage, and I didn’t think it was possible that they would just be casually walking through the airport like ‘normal people’ hahahaha. At most, I might try to get a picture from afar.

Wouldn’t we all love to sit down and have a nice conversation with our idols, but needing to be up close and personal in a completely inappropriate way, not to mention feeling like I should have a say in their personal lives, is something I could never relate to.


I have been on stage with a famous singer - and backstage - but they are just people they don’t want or need people chasing them - I think fan meetings are where they “allow” such interaction and that is appropriate but accosting them in a mall or airport I think is RUDE and SCARY…Seriously if I did one of those Video Calls with my “GUY” who shall remain nameless - hahahahaha! I’d probably pass out! But they are so wonderful to want to be kind to their fans - just these neitzens make me crazy!


Follow him? No. If I got close enough, ask if he wants me to take a photo for him, sure? I live in a touristy area and do that whenever I see somebody having trouble getting a selfie or trying to take a pic of the rest of their family and looking like they really could use one all together. But I’m not a huge Lee Minho fan (nothing against him, he’s a good actor and handsome, just not gaga over him).

Edited to point out that where I live there’s a good chance he could walk around in a mall totally unmolested/unrecognized, at least for a while. Kdramas are becoming more popular but to the point where I have maybe 2 or 3 acquaintances who’d recognize him, though maybe not know who he is or how famous he is relative to other actors. I suppose it’s different in Korea where obviously everyone is going to know who he is.


I have totally said - I would invite any of these wonderful actors/musicians to town! I’m sure they would be able to hang out and not be followed too much! I’m sure some would recognize them - but I’d be glad to show them around! :heart_eyes:


I feel you on this! I’d love to meet or talk to them in a quiet setting!


I just saw a question: If you were given $25,000 right now and you could go anywhere - where would you go - My answer - S Korea and Jeju Island - I’d offer to take my 2pm guys out for Tteokbokki - So much to see and do and all the yummy food!


Oh dear… I already have a whole list of things I want to do as soon as I set foot in Korea… and it keeps growing and growing!! I know exactly where I want to be on what day and what I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I keep sticky notes to jot down some new dish or place an EXO member or actor talks about :see_no_evil:

If we ever take that Vikians SK trip together, I can be the travel planner, because I have EVERYTHING ready, customized to whatever budget we choose :joy: We already have users who’ve volunteered to be our tour guides and translators… now we just have to make it happen!



I apologize in advance, but I really need to get this off my chest.
Look at this.

Don’t know if y’all can see it, but this “fan” put on a wedding veil and asked poor Jeno to marry her :flushed: I really don’t get why fans do this when they know it makes the celeb terribly confused and uncomfortable. What is he supposed to do? I wish they could just end calls like these. Online fan meetings are a whole new level of awkward because the :“fan” is in the comfort of their home and isn’t among hundreds of other fans.
This isn’t an isolated incidence. I’ve seen SOOOO many fan meeting clips where they ask them all sorts of weird questions, using weird pickup lines to get them to agree to marry them :woman_facepalming: Is it THAT HARD to be respectful of another human being??! Do they have any dignity themselves?!! It isn’t funny at all! Flirting is one thing. Talking about marrying them and all that stuff when they can hardly understand you anyway is just weird and annoying.

All right, I’m done.


I would love to win a chance to talk to my guy - LIVE - on a Chat but I’d be like
Oppa - Are you Eating? Did you Eat Well? Are you Sure?
Are you sure you are EATING! bahahahahahaha!
Poor guy would have to have staff go get him LUNCH!

I thought they could end the call if weird happened??


They don’t end it because the person has paid a lot and stuff… only in very extreme cases.

I’d like to ask them how they were and then talk about music, since that’s what their career is :sweat_smile:


Seriously - I would be so tongue tied - I’d just stare at him for like what you get 5 min with them!!!
Oppa Did you EAT!!! bahahahahahaha


Another thought I had is that you know on radio stations when they have a “call screener” they need a whole other job title for these guys to have “call screeners” if you are a wackadoodle - you get your money back and don’t get to talk your 5 min with your IDOL - cuz you are just plain nutso! It does really make normal people crazy! Like ask them why they started in music or how their workout was or how their family is etc.


Lulz, no I have never bothered any ‘idols’ in public. There humans too. Though I live in this little s*** ‘city’ on the other side of the planet from any ‘idol’. :smiley:

Seriously though, I don’t think I would bother them anyways, it’s sort of culturaly anti-finnish to walk up to a strager and talk to them. It’s no joke, even though the internet has made countless memes about it