On My SoapBox! Would You/Or Have You Ever Bothered Your IDOL/Actor if you saw them in PUBLIC/Airport/Mall ETC


This is me right here :joy::joy: and I’d probably feel totally awkward if I go there


I’m with you… though 10m from you :smiley:


This takes it to a whole new level of insane :cry:


That’s just crazy! It wouldn’t matter if it is a journalist (paparazzi, more likely) or “just” a fan. Just because you are able to do some things doesn’t mean it is what one should do.


Someone was tracking my Sannie, YeoSang and Wooyoung! Oh Heck NO!!!
My ATEEZ babies!


You’re not alone… ATINY will mow them down in no time. Them fandoms are fearful opponents. I’ve known them to track people down better than the secret services LOL


The lengths these people will go to is scary. Unbelievable.


I’m glad they’ll be taking legal action. That’s scary.


No. I don’t bother people going about their own business. It must be freaky to them to have people falling all over them wherever they go. Fame is HELL.

This was such a funny story… imagine being the one who walked up to ask whether the guy was Se7en :joy: I don’t think what anyone did was particularly wrong(the fans didn’t really bother them); things just took a hilarious turn. Poor celebrities and their dating stories :joy: