One For All

John F. Kennedy once said that poetry reminds us of the richness and diversity of existence. I’m hoping my humble poem will remind us of the need to protect them as well. We can do that by taking really good care of ourselves. That way we protect others too. :heartpulse:

“During these uncertain times,”
“Please allow me to share a few rhymes,”
“Just some friendly advice,”
“On how to be nice.”
“It is best if we did not roam,”
“Especially the streets of Rome.”
“After shopping responsibly and even visiting the local bookstores,”
“We should follow protective measures and remain indoors.”
“By becoming a solitary,”
“We avoid anything unsanitary.”
“Boredom we will drive away with books and movies online,”
“In the company of our sweet doggo or purring feline.”
“Even if it is strange not to show familiarity,”
“We will in fact be showing solidarity.”
“Mother Nature is also recovering,”
“After much neglect and suffering.”
“Let us therefore not despair,”
“And ourselves take good care.”
“As long as we carry hope’s bright light,”
“Everything will be all right.”



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I wanted to cheer you all up, and I didn’t know how else :upside_down_face:


@adrianmorales if I remember this is not your first poem on Viki, lol, you are quite talented and should perhaps think about your poem book :wink:
all you said fits the bill of this chaos, it’s getting hard on the human side being confined almost as some type of punishment; no social contact is unhealthy and will long term wise start eating up whatever, your confidence for example. Humans aren’t really meant to live solitary.

Let’s really hope for a quick end!! Stay safe and healthy Adrian!! :four_leaf_clover::apple:


Thank you it’s a nice idea of you :slight_smile:

I’ve to admit that today was a day I got quite down, not because I’m afraid to die but because of the whole situation that now is getting worse and worse, also mentally/psychically. The shops are sold out with daily basic stuff, instead of deliver some exchange article from different brand they didn’t even though they (our supermarkets) tell you all the time ‘they got enough stuff’ but yeah - probably not.

Oh and we don’t have warm water and heating now because there is a technical issue for several streets so…

Stay healthy :hibiscus:

This would be such a nice spring…


Thank you so much. I really appreciate the kind message. :blush: :heart:
Yes, I understand that not everyone can cope with the need to remain in quarantine for a prolonged period of time, so please allow me to share some pointers from the stay-at-home masters themselves :smiley_cat: :smile_cat:



Probably just a burst pipe somewhere. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon. In the meantime, please dress warmly and use a heater.
Umm… I always think of you whenever I make these posts, so please hold on. This too shall pass. Don’t worry. :smiley_cat: :heart:

Allow me to share this song with you:


Love it! :cat:

Too bad I can’t go to the cat café these days, though …

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Thank you for sharing this. The poem was so cheerful but the song made me sad again. It so happens that I’m so worried for so many out there that can’t deal with this isolation and uncertainty so I hope no one thinks of ending their life. I went back to praying and I concentrate on ppl with suicidal thoughts, and so far the prayers are keeping me strong.

They talk so much about this virus and so far nothing about Mental Health help for the people that may be needing it at this time. I hope this nightmare is over soon, and that many realize never to take things for granted and appreciate the life and the beauty around us that GOD has given us.

I WANT TO SHARE THIS HERE. If anyone can help the elderly it would be a ten times blessing. Protecting our love ones is our priority now but there are others that have no one to bring hope and much needed items into their home. Hoarders are detestable when they don’t think about their horrible actions. Let’s give a hand when we can.


Elderly woman breaks down in tears after staring at empty Coles shelves

Brooke RolfeNews Reporter

Yahoo LifestyleMarch 23, 2020, 4:42 AM EDT

The photo, shared to Twitter by Nine News reporter Seb Costello, sparked an outpouring of emotion from the public in Australia.
This image has prompted a strong emotional response from Australians. Source: Twitter/SebCostello9


Thanks for mentioning this. I also thought about that. Yesterday I found 1! article that was written by a woman with depression but as you said there is no help for mental ill people who have even more problems now than usually.

That poor old woman, she must feel so despaired. Even delivery services don’t deliver everything that is ordered so it is really horrible especially for those who cannot go on a daily goods hunt (like mental ill and old people).


Someone on Facebook wrote, “How we choose to react in times of crisis says a lot about our character and a lot about humanity in general.”
In times of crisis, I truly hope history will remember us humans for our kindness and generosity. :heartbeat:


We have a German saying: ‘In true hardship you’ll see who really is your friend’.


Mine: I always remember from my paternal grandmother (RIP): ‘‘It is by giving that we shall receive.’’

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Thank you for your little message!

I found another thing I wanted to do during this quarantine and after:

Read poetry

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Thank you I just came on line and saw your message, we need more people like you to send out sweet thinking of you for a cheer up. And I say back at you with love. During this terrible times with the world we all need to show love and respect toward each other no matter where we live or who we are. :apple: a big red apple only for you. :smile:

It is mentioned more and more the topic of mental health and how to make it through “isolation”. (Isolation is different for everyone, some are locally and other can only isolate themselves mentally)
However, more and more helplines are created, the only problem now is for the people to reach out for help.
Government and media addressed another topic to worry about when people/family members might not able to get out of each other’s ways because of staying indoors - child abuse and exercise of physical violence …
Unfortunately this morning in Germany we got news that the Financial Minister of Hesse was found dead. People speculate that he might have pressured himself too much, the situation to handle the crisis financially and to fulfil the needs of the people and their hopes in the politics. It is said that it was a suicide, all I hope for now that his family can cope with the loss. This is so sad and hard to talk about but still if you need help, find someone to talk to, even in this crisis there will be someone with open ears, don’t give up on the first try, I know from own experience that it sometimes needs more than one try.
The virus already takes enough lives with the infections, so I just wish that people can take the pressure and the troubles that come with it.
Stay healthy everyone, see you around!