ONE OK ROCKer? This way pls! x)

So…since our channel for OOR was deleted I thought we might meet here…
If there are any One Ok Rock fans out there?

We could introduce ourselves and talk and stuff…

Here a few links:

Official English Homepage~Official Facebook~Official Myspace~Official Twitter
Members Instagramm: Tomoya ~ Taka ~ Ryota ~ Toru

Please let me know, if there are any more OFFICIAL websites, etc…

If you want I can post fancommunities, websites, etc… too :wink: just tell me!! <3

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I’ll start :blush:
I’m 19 from Germany and I’ve come to know OOR through the live action movie of Rurouni Kenshin in 2012. I listened to The Beginning and thought they were worth a try…
So I started to watch the special final in Yokohama arena 2012 and just fell in love :sunny: The whole concert was awesome…since then I’ve lisened to them on repeat and I think I’ll never stop :smile:
I don’t have any favourite songs because every single song is just great and…but if I had to choose…uhm…
Karasu, Mr.Gendai Speaker, Keep it real, Answer is near, living dolls, liar, pieces of me, mighty long fall, kimishidai ressha, lost and found, no scared, the beginning… kaimu…
I’ll stop here :stuck_out_tongue:

I was able to go to their concert in Bonn last year and the tickets for Cologne and Hamburg have arrived for december this year :smiley: I’m so excited!!!
The concert in Bonn was the best night of my life <3

Next to One Ok Rock I like C.N.Blue, they are my favourite bands :slight_smile:

So…anyone out there?

lol, I was like that band sounds familiar.
Not a fan per se, but I did come across the same song when watching Rurouni Kenshin (Speaking of, can’t wait for the latest movies to be released with subs :3) and I liked it enough to play it on repeat for at least a few days XD

Might have to look into some more of their music later ^^

@scircus Hi :slight_smile: nice to meet you!!
I can’t wait either! I love Rurouni Kenshin and Sato Takeru so much :slight_smile:

You should, they are awesome! Check out their new song Mighty long fall It’s part of the ruroken soundtrack, too :slight_smile:

here’s playlist of OOR mvs :slight_smile: th first one shold be the one of Mighty long fall x)

I got to know them 30 minutes ago thanks to you and already downloaded so many songs lmao

Never was into Rock it always gave me headache buuuut i almost love all the songs I’ve heard so far!!!

I’m so glad!!! :smiley: I really love them too and I’m always happy when someone starts liking them! :* Btw…you live in Germany right? They’ll tour through Germany this December :slight_smile: perhaps you would like to go?
I’m going btw :DDDDD to cologne and Hamburg :wink:

What have you listened to? I’m s curious…any favourite songs already? xD

@Lyoness hi! I´m from mexico and One ok rock is my favourite band !! I was helping to segment and translate in one ok rock´s channel but the channel was deleted ,what a pity u_u well I met the band since 2009 when I was looking for a japanese movie and suddenly one of their videos showed up in the recomendation list . one ok rock is going to come to mexico and I´m gonna go to the concert I´m so excited !!!
my favourites songs are crazy botch, nobody´s home, ketsuraku autiomation, my sweet baby, ending story, wherever you are.

I love mighty long fall. I also listened to be the light and wherever you are

I am actually very bad with song names haha I just listen to the videos I find on YouTube :smiley:

I see :slight_smile: mighty long fall is cool! :slight_smile: but then…actually they kinda all are…:wink:

@mag11 Hi there! It’s nice to meet you! I’m so happy for you that you’re going to see them live! Will it be your first oor concert? They will come to Germany, too! I’m so happy and excited!!! :smiley: I already bought tickets for too concerts :stuck_out_tongue:

yes. it´ll be my first oor concert. what was your experience at the concert? you could see them close up?

@mag11 sorry for the late reply :confused: I mean… I replied pretty fast, but I didn’t mention you, so you probably didn’t notice…I’m so stupid sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They will come to Germany in December, so I haven’t seen them yet :wink:
But I saw them last year, when they were in Bonn, it was really great!!! I was standing in the third row or something…
there wasn’t any space to move, I felt like suffocating…lol :smiley: and we would get shoved to the front sometimes because of the moshers behind us…
But it was really great!! The breathing got easier when the crowd started jumping and the security and band handed out water!
But honestly you don’t notice that kind of stuff during the concert All you notice is that GREAT band doing music together with the whole crowd. The atmosphere is that great! You feel like…I don’t know, partying with your friends?
The concert last year was my first rock concert and I was a bit scared…you know because of moshing and stuff…but it’s actually not that rough.(as long as you aren’s standing in the moshing pit ;)) You just have to go with the crowd.

And everything is totally worth it! The waiting in front of the venue, that the concert is totally exhausting…even that you smell like all the people around you afterwards…
It’s definetly WORTH it!!! That night was the best of my life, you will totally enjoy it :wink:

This doesn’t sound so great…huh? I kinda only talk about the uncomfortable things…but it’s just that the feeling is so great and very hard to describe :slight_smile: you’ll see!

Tell me how you liked it when the concert is over, okay? :*

tomorrow is the concert !!! I´m so excited and nervous

the concert was amazing!!!. I had to went through different stuffs like fainted people , bruising,suffocation, I waited 9 hours to see them but I think that was the most easier thing of all the process. I was so excited , all my body still hurts !!. they only played 13 songs but that was enough because I saw them so close I was standing in the five row. Everything worth it , I already wanna go again. I can´t wait for the next concert.

I first heard about One OK Rock earlier this year when we got the profile of a Japanese student we were hosting. It was his favorite and so I thought I’d just check them out to see what sort of music the kid liked. I liked it too.

I really liked their collaboration with Simple Plan. Summer Paradise. I had another version on my iPhone, but when I heard the One Ok Rock version, I much preferred it.

Right? They are soooo great :smiley: I’m happy for you and soo glad you enjoyed the concert!!! It’s soo exhausting and yet one feels so great, right? :slight_smile:

it’s only three weeks left until the concert I will go to :slight_smile: I’m soooo excited :smiley:

@Singndance4life they are cool right? :wink: Yes, the japanese version of summer paradise is the best :smile: I like it too!!

Hey everyone!!! :slight_smile:

The newast one ok rock concert in Yokohama, Yokahama Stadium is online!

It is as expected really, really cool! They have mixed their performance out of the newest but some really old songs, too!
It’s really beautiful and exciting to watch!!

Have fun and enjoy :wink:

have you watched Fool Cool Rock? I watched it yesterday in a cinema in mexico city, the documentary is really good and funny and has spanish subtitles.