Ooo Those Historic Outfits - The Fabrics are Gorgeous!


Talking about Chinese shows:


THAT HAIRSTYLE :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I used to pause the drama just to stare at his absolute GORGEOUSNESS before continuing :sweat_smile:
The way it swoops over his face… stylist definitely deserves a raise!
I also love the textures of the fabric used.

His Demon Realm ponytail drove me CRAZY :heart_eyes::fire: Can’t find any good pictures, though :slightly_frowning_face:
@porkypine90_261 you made me go re-watch some parts of AOL because I was searching for good pictures… :sob::sob: You have no idea how my heart immediately responded! I got chills!




He looks just gorgeous!!


Let’s go with Korean :thinking:



:sunglasses: Now I hafta put AOL back on my watch list. It’s been more than a year since I watched it. And I do Love a nice ponytail. My hubby had long hair. He kept it in a pony tail. :sunglasses:

Whooo! That blue is gorgeous!

Yes indeed. I do love that hat! mmmm hmm. :sunglasses:


It’s based on a true story. Plot revolves around Maratha Peshwa Bajirao (1700–1740 AD) and his second wife, Mastani. The place where the story set is current Maharashtra but Rajasthan was among the shooting locations.

There is also a Rajasthan based movie by the duo (once again a true story) Padmaavat - Wikipedia

image image image image


I was new to K-Dramas when I saw this video. And I was utterly curious, how is that guy wearing sunglasses in a historic drama. At that time, I also had difficulty in memorizing names of shows so I searched a lot where this scene is from. Later I figured out that was just to promote the show and I guess they indeed succeeded in promoting :joy::rofl:


Should I be saying this to a half dead man? But damn, that’s hot.


I was going to post this one - It is my FAVORITE I love that Purple :purple_heart:


Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen
Ji Chang Wook

fan pop


I have not been able to finish Empress Ki - But Ji Chang Wook Is BRILLIANT and the costumes are gorgeous! His child like prince to king is one of his best dramas so well acted - LOVE WOOKIE! :sunny:




Amino Apps



Pinterest (this isn’t a good photo but I love the peacock feather in his hat and the colors)

Well D.O.zie LoveFest 2021 includes his costumes!


I really like the light blue-green to sage contrast on his hanbok. It has just a touch of jacquard on that sage. And I can’t quite tell from the picture but the blue-green looks a little slubby textured like shantung. But it may just be the weave…


The costumes in ‘A Girl Like Me’ were so beautiful. Especially the FL who traipsed out one gorgeous dress after another. So many rich colors and textures.





So My 1st Historical Love and My #1 Drama
I fell FAST for Kim Shin!!! :heart:
Guardian the Lonely and Great God


She really was the clothes horse, wasn’t she? :sunglasses: That was a cute show.

I was wondering who was going to post this pic! Thanks!


I actually have tons I want to post - This is the HISTORICAL HOTTIE Thread I wanted to do but I have too many threads! Can I keep posting???


Of course! I am giving a separate post for each movie so as not confuse them. Just ignore the Viki-bot nag telling you that "you’ve already replied. “Why not answer someone else’s post or let someone else post.” or something like that.




I loved his black and gold outfit I can’t find a photo but this one where you can see his sleeve!
Loved our Hottie in Dali Temple! He had about 3 or 4 outfits he wore!!! Her costumes were light and flowy! :sunny:


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Korean Drama Fashion

Of Course - Bride of the Water God - I loved his costume and I wanted MORE MORE MORE!
His deep VOICE in that show! I loved it!