Ooo Those Historic Outfits - The Fabrics are Gorgeous!


Wow! I am in LOVE with some of the outfits the design crew comes up with for these historic shows! Gorgeous silks, batiks, Jacquards, Shots, Satins, Shantungs, Brocades, Damasks, Embroidery, etc., etc., etc!

Mmm mm! Some of the fabric contrasts and complementary colors and prints are WOW! I appreciate them!

Post your pics and screen captures of some of your favorite outfits from K, C, J , I and, T dramas!
And remember to tell us the name of the show so we can watch it too!



The Silla King’s outfit! Wow!


The Great Doctor -

I had a hard time capturing that hair pin but it is so pretty!


Moon Embracing the Sun

I just love this hat style! Yep! :sunglasses:


Legend of the Blue Sea

Mmmm mmm I really really love that hat! :sunglasses:

legend-5 Legend-blue-sea-2


I liked that hat too.

Everything that ML and FL wore in Mr. Queen was fabulous too!

Is this thread only limited to Korean, Chinese or Japanese historic outfits? Because I’d like to post some from India too.


Cry Me a River of Tears.

5 layers of different brocades and patterns Blues, blacks

  • white inner robe contrast,
  • then white with hints of bronze and black design,
  • then dark blue and black jacquard, medium print.
  • then Dark blue and hints of bronze jacquard.
  • Then dark blue with large print bronze design.
  • Bronze metal medallions on collar trim.

Very nice. :sunglasses: It’s stunning actually. Gorgeous. Kudos to the designer of that outfit!


Go ahead! I’d like to see some kewl fashions and fabrics. Along with the links to the shows so we can watch them.


Promise of Chang’An

It’s not fabric but Cheng YI really looks good in that fancy armor.

Cheng Yi. Oh, yea… :sunglasses:

He plays such strong characters of absolute integrity… And then Meanwhile… in real life… :rofl:

Happy Camp - Hunan TV
:rofl: :laughing: I’ve watched this silly clip so many times. Still makes me laugh.


Indians adore jewelry a lot, especially the ones made out of gold. Here are snapshots of Deepila Padukone as Mastani.

image image
The music video to appreciate the details of her dress:

The choreography is really gorgeous and so is the flow.

Priyanka Chopra as Kashibai
image image

Ranveer Singh as Bajirao
image image

They married after doing a few more historicals together.

Another MV with PC and Deepika together:


Ashes of Love!
I’ve posted this before but I LOVE the costumes!

The elaborate headdresses and wedding costumes were really beautiful.
And FL’s pastel colours were amazing

This lacy one and the other warrior outfit


Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

It’s so hard to find good Crown Prince photos of PBG… he’s always being so goofy :joy:

This silk :heart_eyes:

Simple but I like it

Chae Soo Bin, a princess as always


But Indian shows won’t be from Viki, since it hasn’t any - or extremely few.
And if it’s from other platforms, we are not allowed to post links to these.


I remember one of the earlier saguks I watched is Queen Seo Deok that showed also great costumes!
Here comes the “evil” Mishil

Queen Seo Deok


But in the past there were many indian shows I have seen a closed channel recently and I’m shocked to know that it was a Telugu movie that was available on viki.


One of the first sageuks I watched and I loved the outfits :smile:


In the past. Sadly not anymore. Now if you go to the Explore page and go to “Countries/Regions”, India is not even in the dropdown. Funnily enough, there is Canada and the US, but it’s only movies for and about Asians, most of the time done by Asian-American or Asian-Canadian people.


Gorgeous fabrics and embroideries. I like gold jewelry but I could not hack the nose jewelry - (Hayfever) :laughing:

I’ve seen her in many movies. Does that movie take place in Rajastan?

And the sets were fantastic too!


You mean like this one? :rofl:

:rofl: Just think back in Joseon… if the king and crown prince started dancing like that. Everyone would be shocked! :scream: :rofl:

She is wearing such a pretty hanbok.

image.jpg640×588 156 KB


Ashes of love was the best for me:

But I really love the way he looks when he was at “informal” clothes at heaven and that hairstyle