Oppaholics club

Just got home from work and I’m immediately on Viki for my dosage of Oppagisms…lol


Sometimes we need to make priorities… fangirling over some oppas are part of them for me hahaha

Deff…I mean who wouldn’t want want to. They are just so hot and amazingly talented.

I really can’t take any more sexiness XD Lee Min Ho OPPA!!! ^.*

LMAO I just saw this, lol well is true! that sexy water…

absolutely LMH and all of the actors you just list they all are just awesome but LMH is just … wow cant describe how much i love him and what an amazing actor he is like in Faith

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Exactly my thoughts!!^^

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amazing that we always think the same haha @Wafaahs

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Hahahah i know right?;p Uri Chingu!!^^
Btw, What’s your name?

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LOL. this looks like its photoshopped.

I’m fan of Lee Min Ho too!! ^3^
I think that is too perfect, simply xD

Oooh so many oppa’s photo! <3

Hi. I’ll leave LMH for all of you, not such a fan…
My oppa’s are Song Seung Heon and So Ji Sub!

Why? He’s a scorpio and we’re similar in so many ways (personality) - I’m a big fan of him. I use to call him Jisub oppa. Just one old old production of his is out of my list, I watched everything from what they released to the public eye kekek

SSH is just oppa. When I say oppa to my friends… they all know it’s SSH. It;s a coincidence that he’s same sign as my husband… maybe for this reason was attracted even as a man to him hahahha… my hubby isn’t upset when I use a wallpaper on my desktop - he knows that is just “on screen” … Seriously, while so many criticized the acting of my oppa… we, his fans were there to support him moraly, so i do like this actor and his acting…


Lee Jong Suk because those eyes…

and those lips.


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It is a lot more weirder, when “Opa” means grandpa in your language. Even if Opa is spoken differently than Oppa it confused me at the beginning.

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Lee Jong Suk is completely perfect


KIKWANG is my favorite oppa cuz hes just well,cuteeee and jonghyung is my second oppa because well my reason is they are both hottie oppas!!

Lee Gi-kwaaaaaaaaang ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love him so much

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we need this

Even if i don´t have a iphone

I knowwwwww