OST of C-Dramas


I really love those wonderful ballades from c-dramas and I wondered, if anyone loves them, too.

My favorite songs right now are:

Dear Prince: Silence Wang - I’ll be there

Rakshasa Street: Yuan Liyuan - Perhaps Goodbye

and Soul Liberty - Not Retreating from Battle

Song of Phoenix: Jackson Yi - Li Sao

The King’s Woman: Yang Pei’an & Cui Zige - Life and Death

Memory Love: Bii- Be your light

Novoland Castle in the Sky Anime Movie: Jackson Wang (Got7) - Kyushu Sky City

Maybe you will post your favorites, too?


By the way, I agree about Li Sao from Da Song, that’s the one I adore too :slight_smile: Here’s two of my ultimate favorites… :slight_smile:

Here’s two that simply are so amazing that I can’t help hearing them over and over again - both by superior actors…! Ice Fantasy, that had a superior sound track, the Sad Mermaid song, so many themes! and here is the end OST of them all:

And then…well…A man of MANY talents, Hu Ge…and the end OST to Nirvana in Fire. Absolutely perfect. Still brings tears to my eyes to hear this one. A remarkable actor, singer, and possibly soon, director.


This song Princess Weiyoung, sung by A Lin, “Tian Ruo You Qing (if heaven has love)” became an “ear worm” of mine, I had to search for lyrics and was trying to sing it… it seems harder than korean… just reminds me the tragic ending… hope these love birds stay together :two_hearts:


This is a cool and powerful rock ballad Princess Agents, Zhang Bichen(张碧晨) ft. Zhao Liying(赵丽颖) - Hope :sparkler: The drama feels insane, in particular the painful part with Shawn Dou… :sob:


This is a lovely Love song from Eternal Love (not the Peach one) I like the first song a lot! The drama was very cute and funny.


For me, this is the most beautiful OST of NIF :slight_smile: Aging of a beauty


The whole OST from Ice Fantasy is so amazing. I love this one the most - Victoria - Li Lu Song


I forgot Bii - Aurora. This song is so beautiful!


Currently watching this drama and this song from the intro is catchy:

Will definitely add more to this thread since I watch a lot of cdramas.


Still love this song from Oh my General:


This drama had the best soundtracks. This is my favorite from the series.


I need to rewatch oh my general!!

got to find more Cdramas!!


I’m rewatching it atm. :sweat_smile:

Enjoying it very much like the first time.


You Are My Destiny - Even when I had already finished the drama, this song was stuck on my mind


Falling Into Your Smile


I don’t know why but this track is stuck in my head. The whole soundtrack of the drama is good but the song for Team CK is my favorite. -Tong Yao’s ex’s team
It’s also sang by the ex. His voice is nice and smooth.


One reason I can think of is, because we are in love with love :two_hearts: :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart: :revolving_hearts:


Agree! I love when a song fits the drama. Makes me remember it even more. :heart_eyes: